Beef Jerky Snacks for Fundraising

Beef Jerky Fundraisers

Beef Jerky Is a Healthy Snack Fundraiser

Beef Jerky is a popular fundraising product for sports teams and schools because it is a healthy snack. High in protein and low in calories, plus it has lots of flavor! Choose from Jack Link’s or Game On brands. Earn 40% profit and enjoy free shipping.

Fundraiser Highlights

  • Healthy Snack Fundraiser
  • High Protein, Low Calorie
  • 40% Profit
  • Jack Link’s or Game On brand choices
  • Option to Order Online

We recommend Beef Jerky Snacks for Sports Team fundraising.

Use the product links below for more info or to order beef jerky for your next fundraiser:

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Snacks

Beef Jerky Bags - Original Flavor Beef Jerky Bags - Peppered Flavor Beef Jerky Bags - Teriyaki Flavor

Game On Jerky – 1.5oz Bags

Game On Beef Jerky - Barbecue Mesquite Game On Beef Jerky - Orange Teriyaki Game On Beef Jerky - Original Pepper Game On Beef Jerky - Spicy Jalapeno Game On Beef Jerky - Sweet and Spicy Game On Bacon Jerky - Maple and Brown Sugar Game On Bacon Jerky - Sriracha Style

Great Idea for Sports Teams!

Beef Jerky Fundraisers - Great Idea for Sports Teams!

Order Online

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and your group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!
  • Never sell door-to-door in an unfamiliar neighborhood

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Beef Jerky Is a Healthy Fundraising Idea!

Beef Snack Fundraisers - Healthy Fundraising Idea!