Looking for Candy Fundraising Ideas?

Looking for Candy Fundraising Ideas?

We Have Ideas for Your Next Candy Fundraiser

Candy is one of the most popular fundraisers for school clubs, sports teams, churches, or any group. Usually, it is sold directly to customers. For example, candy bars and lollipops can be sold at a table outside a local business (with permission) or at team games and school events. Seeing the candy makes it hard to resist! And, candy is low cost. Most candy options usually only sell for $1 or $2 each! Almost everyone is willing to pay that much.

If you don’t have funds to purchase candy up front, you can use a credit card or a school purchase order to hold off payment for at least one month. You just have to be sure to sell all of your product by the time the payment is due or it will cut into your profit. Also, you could do a order-taker type fundraiser. There is no risk to this type, since you take orders and collect payment before you order the candy.

Candy Fundraisers:

  1. In-Hand – Group purchases candy, paying up front, and then sells directly to the customer. You can use a credit card or school purchase order to give you more time to pay.
  2. Order-Taker – Group request free brochures with products that customer orders, pays in advance. After all orders are taken, group send in total order and makes payment with funds already collected. This is considered a NO RISK fundraiser. This is also sometimes called a “pre-sell” fundraiser.

In-Hand Candy Fundraisers:

These candy options are by the case to use as a point of sale fundraiser. Candy is a great idea for a sports team concession stand at games and events.
Albanese Gummi Bears Scrumptious Chocolate Bars Tessas Lollipops Cotton Candy Tubs Katydids Candy by the Case

Candy by the Case:

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Candy Fundraising Ideas