Chocolatiers $2 Candy Bar Fundraiser Kit

Chocolatiers Candy Fundraising Kit

Chocolatiers Candy Bar Fund Raising Kit

Chocolatiers® by Van Wyk, are one of America’s favorite candy bars and are made available for fundraising through ABC Fundraising®! Hello, I’m your ABC Fundraising® Representative, Faye Rutledge, and I’d like to tell you about this awesome fundraiser.

Chocolatiers are the Highest Profit Candy Bar Fundraiser!

These large, 2.25 ounce, candy bars sell for only $2 each, and earn your group a 50% to 60% profit, making it the highest profit candy bar fundraiser. Each case includes 4 carrier kits with handles to make it easy for participants to take around with them Each carrier has a variety of 30 yummy candy bars. We recommend ordering one of these carrier kits for each participant.


  • 4 candy bar varieties included
  • Retail for $2
  • 2.25 ounce bars
  • Made by Van Wyk in Peanut Free Facility
  • Earns 50% – 60% Profit
  • 120 bars per case (4 carriers of 30 bars)
  • Minimum order: 1 case
  • Free Delivery in 2 weeks

How to Order Cases:

For more information or to order, contact Faye Rutledge, your ABC Fundraising* Representative. I am here to help you with any questions and to place your order. Candy cases must be paid up-front by credit card, PayPal, or check. Also, a school purchase order with 30 days to pay is accepted.

Contact via phone, text, or email:, 434-851-6297

Info/Order: or 434-851-6297


Chocolatier Candy Bar Variety for Fundraising

Chocolatiers $2 Candy Bars

Chocolatiers are produced in a peanut free facility, so no worries about allergies. Customers have 4 flavor choices, including Creamy Caramel, Milk Chocolate with almonds, Dark Chocolate with almonds, and Crispy Rice.

4 Flavors:

  • 10 Creamy Caramel
  • 8 Milk Chocolate with almond
  • 6 Crispy Rice
  • 6 Dark Chocolate w/almonds

How It Works:

  1. Order/Pay for Master Cases
  2. Run Fundraiser for 2 to 3 weeks
  3. Keep ALL the money you earn.

How Much Will You Earn?

Chocolatiers is one of the highest profit candy bar fundraisers. You will earn from 50% to 60% profit. Price per case decreases with the number of cases ordered, meaning your net profit will increase if you order more cases.

How Many Cases Should You Order?

Order at least one carrier kit per participant. There are 4 carriers in each case. If you are close to the next level, we recommend that you order high to take advantage of the lower cost per case. The selling price is so low, you won’t have any trouble making sales.

Profit Chart:

Cases Ordered Cost Per Case You Collect Total Profit
1 – 9 $120.00 $240.00 50%
10 – 74 $108.00 $240.00 55%
75+ $96.00 $240.00 60%

How to Pay:

You have several options of payment, including major credit card, Pay Pal, check by phone, school purchase order, check, or money order.

Methods of Payment:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Check by Phone
  • School Purchase Order
  • Check or money order by mail

Free Delivery!

Delivery is free and it will take about 2 weeks for your candy to arrive.

Fundraising Idea for Schools or Sports Teams

Candy Bars are a great fundraising product idea for schools, sports teams, churches, or any group or club. Everyone loves a candy bar and is willing to donate a dollar or two to help you out. The price is small, only $2 per candy bar, for the customer, but will amount to a lot for you. Sell at school, pep rallies, or sports events. Be sure to offer them at your concession stand.

Chocolatiers Candy Bars Fundraising Kit

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