5 Favorite Fundraisers for Sports Teams

5 Favorite Fundraisers for Sports Teams

5 Favorite Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

The 5 most popular fundraising products for sports team include: custom tumblers, dollar candy bars, beef jerky,  custom eye black, and custom scratchcards.

1. Custom Tumblers

Custom Tumblers are the perfect product for any sports team! Think about it. Tumblers will be customized with your team name, logo, and colors. People love to show off their spirit for their favorite team, and tumblers are something they will use every day. They can carry them to school or work and keep them in their car. Plus, they are a fun keepsake or gift. Customers will already be your fans, so they will want to buy a tumbler to support your team and show their team spirit. You can order up-front or use handy order-taker brochures.

2. Dollar Candy Bars

Dollar Candy Bars have traditionally been one of the top choices for school sports teams. These can be sold at school and at the concession stand during games. You will often see teams have a table set up at a local store to sell candy bars. These make a quick and easy selling product, since they only cost $1 each.

3. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is another top product chosen by sports teams. It’s a “must have” for the concession stand! Beef Jerky just says sports! It’s a healthy high protein, low calorie snack and will earn your team up to 50% profit, depending on which product you choose.

4. Custom Eye Black

Custom Eye Black is popular with any sports team, but especially football. Customize with your team name and colors. All of your fans will want it. The best thing is that it earns 60% profit!

5. Custom Scratchcards

Scratchcards will earn your group the most profit and are one of the easiest fundraisers to do. Each member has a card that they are responsible for getting all of the dots scratched. When all dots are scratched, each card will earn $100. The cards cost $20 each, so your team will earn 80% profit. Plus, you get 10% free cards, giving you the option to earn even more profit. Custom scratchcards can have your team photo included on the front cover to make the card more personal.

Favorite Sports Team Fundraising Products

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5 Favorite Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

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