Fundraising Ideas for Band Boosters

Fundraising Ideas for Band Boosters

High Performing Fundraising Ideas for Band Boosters!

We know that Band Boosters need money for new uniforms and travel expenses, so they need a successful fundraising campaign. This article offers five ideas for your next Band Booster fundraiser. Plus, we now have online fundraisers!

When choosing a fundraising product, choose something people will need or want. People might be willing to purchase almost anything to donate to your band, but there is a much better chance of a sale if it’s actually something they are happy to buy! Also, choose something that is unique, a change from the usual scratchcards and candles.


5 Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Custom Face Masks
  2. Custom Tumblers
  3. Cookies & Snacks Order-Taker
  4. Heartland Home Goodies
  5. Papa John’s Pizza & a Movie Discount Cards

1. Custom Face Masks Fundraiser (w/Online Store)

If your state still requires face masks in public, this is the perfect time to have a custom face mask fundraiser. Supporters will love having a face mask with your custom logo! There are also several other choices for variety. Your order-taker brochure will be personalized with your logo shown on mask. Plus, you can request a WEB STORE for easy selling.

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2. Custom Logo Tumblers (w/Online Store)

Tumblers are a popular item these days! Especially, custom tumblers! It’s easy to do this fundraiser with the order-taker brochure that will be custom made showing your logo. Band Boosters is all about team spirit and excitement and these tumblers will be perfect for a fundraising campaign. WEB STORE available for online sales.

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3. Mini Cookies & Snacks Order-Taker (w/Online Store)

The Minis & More is a popular order-taker fundraiser features several types of cookies, popcorn, candy, and more. This brochure also includes an online store and ship-to-home option.

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4. Heartland Goodies Order-Taker (w/Online Store)

The Heartland Home Collection order-taker brochure offers a variety of goodies, including snacks, muffins, and candy (including the popular Katydids candy). You can use the print brochure and/or the online store with a ship-to-home option.

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5. Pizza & a Movie Discount Cards

This is one of my favorite fundraisers! This one has two things people will love to have. Papa John’s Pizza and a Red Box Movie discounts. You can’t go wrong with this combination. You can purchase these discount cards up-front or print out a handy order form and take orders first.

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You Will Need to Play It Differently for Your Next Band Booster Fundraiser!

Play it Differently for your nex Band Booster fundraiser!

Your next Band Booster fundraiser will need to be played differently. (pun intended!) This year everything is different. Not only will your product have to be “eye-catching”, you will need to go about fundraising in a different way. You will need to use email and social media to promote your product. In today’s world, that is easy enough. All of our order-taker fundraisers have a .PDF version of the brochure to share, as well as online stores, some with a ship-to-home option. It’s just a matter of adjusting to the times. You can do it!

Best wishes for a successful fundraising campaign.