Fun Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Ideas for School Fundraising

The new school year is fast approaching, and with it: fundraising. We’ve wracked our brains to give you the best fundraising ideas for this year! So don’t stress – half your work is done. Just try out these fun and easy ideas–and watch your school fund fill up!

Family Portraits
Say cheese! Hire a photographer for a day of family portraits. Advertise to the students and the surrounding community. Many photography studios have special fundraising packages which give your customers low rates-and your school nice profits!

Pet Pageant
Calling all canines and felines! Give the students and community a chance to show off their precious pets by hosting a pageant. Have a panel of “judges,” several competitions (including beauty and “talent”!), and a prize for the winners (doggie bones and catnip should suffice!). The entry fees are yours to keep!

Spaghetti Dinner
Everyone loves Italian! Arrange for your school’s food service to supply the main course (or purchase from a discount market) and volunteers to provide the salad, drinks, and dessert. Make sure the room is decorated in true Italian style (red, green, and white is a MUST)! Tickets can be sold in advance and at the door.

This is a great addition to a rummage sale, auction, spaghetti dinner-or it can stand on its own! If the function has a theme (i.e. Italian), than collect and/or purchase items that relate (i.e. colored pasta, specialty sauce, pizza stone, etc.). Sell tickets, select winners, and count your money!

Music Recital
Don’t sing? Don’t worry! Just contact your school’s music department and arrange a night for the chorus and orchestra to show their stuff. The money you make will be music to your ears!

1-Mile Marathon
Break out those sneakers! A marathon is a great way of staying fit and having fun – not to mention making big bucks! The money comes from the “sponsors” of each runner. Host the run on a Saturday, and honor all the runners with Event Ribbons. (a special prize should be awarded to the winner)!

Not a runner? Try reading! Students gather monetary pledges for each book read during the book-a-thon and the donations go straight to the school.

Art Contest
Calling all artists! Hosting an art contest (with one or several categories), with an entry fee, panel of judges (from the art department, etc.), and prizes is a creative way to generate income. A photo contest could also be a winner!

Haunted School
Turn your school into a haunted house! Decorate the school with spiderwebs (not real ones!), ghosts, strobe lights, and other creepy creations. In different rooms, have scary scenes (using student volunteers) like a ghost in a graveyard, a vampire with his victim, and a witch stirring her pot. Use the haunted habitat for the entire weekend (ideally in October) and collect the cash!

Flower Sale
You don’t need to be a florist to sell beautiful blooms! Contact your local nursery for plants, flowers, and seeds and offer to place their name on the order forms in return for a discount/donation. Your community will love the flowers-and you’ll love the income!

Carnation Sale
Nothing expresses your true feelings better than flowers! Carnations are ideal ways for students, staff, and parents to show their affection for that special someone, while supporting your school! Attach little note cards to each stem for their messages.

Cash Cans
It doesn’t get any better than this! Simply request permission to place collection cans in several stores in your school’s area. Decorate the cans in school colors with your school name and collect the cash every week!

Candy Sale
Sweeten the school day with candy! When holidays roll around (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), decorate bags with the holiday theme, fill with festive candy, and sell to students! Prepare “order forms” for students who wish to order candy for a special friend. Provide tags for their personal message.

Article Thanks to: Everything Elementary School Spirit Store.