PRA Order Form

What is a PRA Order Form?

A PRA is a Fundraising Purchase and Reservation Agreement. You have to use this form to order your brochures and start your fundraiser. It is an editable .PDF form, so it’s very easy to fill out on your computer or phone. Just download (or print), fill out, and email. It includes profit and payment information and asks for basic information about your school/group. It’s self explanatory, but I have a few notes below.


  • Leave the Sales Rep Name as Fundraiser Alley.

  • Specify the complete name of the brochure you want and the number needed. (One per participant.)

  • You can sign it with a typed signature.

  • Email completed form to:

View/Download PRA Order Form
View/Download/Print PRA ORDER FORM
(Editable PDF)


Screenshot of PRA Order Form