Pretzel Day Fundraising Ideas

Pretzel Day Fundraising Ideas

Plan a Pretzel Fundraiser for National Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day is on April 26. Take advantage of this national day and plan a Pretzel Sale Fundraiser! Be sure and promote your fundraiser as a celebration of it’s national day. You can have your sale the entire week that April 26 falls in, rather than just that one day.

Plan to set up a table or stand at your school, sports game, any event, or even outside of a local merchant (with permission). And, plan to have participants sell on their own as well.

You could offer a selection of pretzel varieties, including the usual crispy pretzel twist, pretzel rods, soft pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, and even desserts that use pretzels as a topping.

Here at Fundraiser Alley, we offer individually wrapped Pretzel Rods and Pretzel Twist single serving bags as fundraising products. You can purchase these as a fundraising product much cheaper than you can get them at retail stores. Both versions are chocolate covered and coated in assorted candies, made by Van Wyk, a popular candy brand.

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Sweet and Salty Pretze Rods are perfect for fundraising!

Sweet & salty pretzel rods are perfect for fundraising, especially on Pretzel Day! Made by Van Wyk Confections, these salty pretzel rods are dipped in milk chocolate and then rolled one of four kinds of candy coating (candy coated chocolate chunks, crunchy toffee, peanut butter crunch, and rainbow sprinkles). The handy carrier case of 60 individually wrapped rods, makes it easy to take with you to sell or to set on a sales table or counter. Each rod sells for only $1! Your group will earn from 40% to 50% profit, depending on how many cases you purchase. And, you can easily purchase these online or by phone.

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Pretzel Cupcakes!

Pretzel Cupcakes - Unique Idea for a Pretzel Fundraiser!

A unique idea for Pretzel Day is to have a Bake Sale featuring different cupcake and other dessert recipes using pretzels. You won’t believe how many there are available!

National Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day, April 26

Find Out More About National Pretzel Day, April 26

Read the article about National Pretzel Day, by, to find out more about the history of this national day and how you can celebrate it.

National Day Calendar Fundraiser

There is also a National Day Calendar Fundraiser! You could use this as an additional fundraiser during the month of April and offer it during your other fundraising campaigns.

Unique Opportunity for Fundraising

There are many unique opportunities for fundraising in April using National Days as a guide. See more ideas here: April National Days Fundraising Ideas