The Pros and Cons of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Pros and Cons of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Ups and Downs of Cookie Dough Fundraising

The cookie dough fundraiser is one of the most popular choices for elementary schools. Although it gets repeated year after year, it’s tried and true, and still remains a top choice. However, there are pros and cons, up-sides and down-sides, to consider before choosing cookie dough for your school.

The main upside for cookie dough is that customers never tire of ordering it, and in fact, look forward to it each year. The cookie dough offered in these brochures is always top notch! Sales are always good, thus bringing in more money for the school than other, less popular, products.  Also, it is usually sold as an order-taker fundraiser. The fundraising brochures are generally furnished free of charge. This means your school will not need any money up front to buy products or start the fundraiser.

However, cookie dough does have a downside. The major one being that it needs to be refrigerated when it arrives. For a large school, that’s a LOT of cookie dough! The school will need a LARGE walk-in type cooler to store it until it can be distributed to students for delivery. If the school can’t accommodate that much cookie dough, it will need to arrange for it to be delivered at a local grocery store or restaurant. The students will also need to keep dough refrigerated until they can get it delivered and sometimes students sell a lot of dough, and cold storage can sometimes be a problem for them. Also, the school will need lots of volunteers to sort and help distribute product to students. (This is normal for any pre-sell fundraiser). Shipping cost is also a factor to consider. Each brochure is different, so schools should research the options before making a choice.

However, none of these are problems that cannot be overcome. Schools generally feel that the good (profits) out-weighs any inconveniences this fundraiser might cause.

Pros and Cons of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Pros of Cookie Dough Fundraiser:

  • Sells better than other products (thus, earns more)
  • Everybody Loves Cookies!
  • Pre-Sell, No Risk, Order-Taker fundraiser
  • No Money Needed Up Front (free brochures provided)
  • Several Brochure Choices

Cons of Cookie Dough Fundraiser:

  • Refrigerated storage needed when delivered.
  • Cookie Dough will need to be sorted and distributed to students.
  • Cookie Dough will need to be kept refrigerated by students until delivered.
  • Shipping Cost (differs per brochure)

Why Do Schools Choose Cookie Dough?

It Sells Better!
Selling Better = More Money!

Schools choose cookie dough (even with the cons), simply because it sells better than other products. Selling better equals more money for the school.

Cookie Dough Order-Taker Brochures

Be sure and consider the cons before choosing cookie dough for your school. And, be sure and choose a brochure wisely. Some brochures offer only tubs, some only preportioned boxes, and some offer both. Brochures differ on minimum orders, profit percentage, and shipping cost. Look for a brochure that offers free shipping with a minimum order, which can be a huge savings.