Snack Food Fundraising Ideas

Snack Fundraisers

Snack Fundraising Ideas

Snack foods make great fundraiser products. Everyone LOVES a SNACK! We offer several snack food fundraising options, including several order-taker brochures and three options to order by the case for by-hand sales. Order by the case to sell at your sports game concession stand. School clubs can use the handy order-taker brochures for a no-risk, no money up-front fundraiser. Order-takers now include a free online store!

Snack Fundraisers – Order by the Case:

Pretzel Rods Fundraising Kit Jack Links Beef SticksJack Links Beef Jerky Snack Bags

Snack Food Brochure Fundraisers:

All of our snack food order-taker brochures include an online store.

Poppin Popcorn Single Sheet Mini Cookies & Snacks Brochure  Cheese & Sausage Brochure Zap-a-Snack Pizza and Auntie Annes Pretzels Fundraiser Otis Spunkmeyer One Price SnacksHeartland Home Collection Brochure


Snack Fundraisers - Popcorn, Prezel Rods, Fortune Cookies, and more...