Snack Food Fundraising Ideas

Snack Fundraisers

Snack Food is a Great Idea for Fundraising!

Everybody loves a snack, and a fundraiser is a good excuse to buy one. Our newest, and most unique snack fundraisers are the Famous Fortune Cookies by Van Wyk and the Dible Dough edible cookie dough bars. A few other ideas are beef jerky, pretzel rods, pretzel twist, popcorn, fruit snacks, and cake balls. We suggest any of these to sell at schools during lunch or break times, and at a concession stand at sports games and events. There are also several snack themed order-taker brochures available, including the Melody Munch, with a little bit of everything.

Snack Fundraiser Choices:

Cookie Dough Bars Cake Balls Fundraiser Pretzel Rods Fundraiser Jack Links Beef Jerky Fundraiser Game On Jerky Snacks Fundraiser Pretzel Twist Fundraiser Fruit Snacks Fundraiser Popcorn Fundraiser

Snack Fundraising Products:

Any of these products can be bought by the case.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky – A healthy snack with high protein, low calories. Great for sports team fundraising.

Game On Jerky Snacks – Choose from 5 flavors of beef jerky and 2 flavors of bacon jerky.

Pretzel Rods – Chocolate covered pretzel rods, rolled in a variety yummy toppings are great fundraising product. The rods are individually wrapped.

Pretzel Rod Twist – Like the pretzel rods, these little twist are dipped in chocolate and rolled in yummy toppings. These are in serving size bags.

Gourmet Popcorn – Everyone loves popcorn, so this will be a big seller. There are several gourmet flavors of popcorn. Also available as an order-taker.

Fruit Snacks – These make a healthy fundraising idea. Welch’s fruit snacks will be a great addition to your fundraiser.

Cake Balls – 6 flavor choices of yummy cake balls by Sweet Ballz™. Also available as an order-taker.

Edible Cookie Dough BarsNew fundraising idea! 3 flavor choices.

Order-Taker Snack Fundraisers:

Take orders, collect payment, and send in your order. Deliver to customers after products arrive. No risk, no money up front needed for these.

Melody Munch – Large assortment of tumblers, magazines, nuts, and snacks.

Gourmet Popcorn – Several flavor choices. This is the same popcorn available in cases.

Cake Balls Order-Taker Brochures – Sweet Ballz™ yummy cake balls.


Yummy Snacks for Fundraising

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and your group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!
  • Never sell door-to-door in an unfamiliar neighborhood

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