10 Tips to Be a Great Salesman for Your Potential Supporters

10 Tips to Be a Great Salesman for Your Potential Customers

The Art of Being a Great Salesman

If you’re a salesman for a business or for a non-profit organization, you unquestionably know that sales are an art. If you want to convince somebody that your cause is worth donating to, you need to find the right balance between persuasion and charisma. If you can manage to do that, you are on your way to becoming a great sales person!

In order to help you get started, www.fundraising.com has prepared 10 tips to skyrocket you and your team to sales heaven! Whether you’re taking part in a church fundraiser, school fundraiser, sports team fundraiser, or fundraising for any other type of group, cause or event, follow these steps and you’ll see an improvement in sales:

  1. Supporters come first – You can’t sell a fundraising product if your supporter doesn’t trust you. Be sincere, firm, assertive, and honest, and show the supporter you’re approaching that he or she can trust you. Let them know what you’re raising money for and how it will benefit you and your group: it will convince them to seal the deal.
  2. Empathize – Find out what motivates your supporter and present them your fundraiser with that in mind. Understand his desires, ask them questions, interact with them, and most importantly – be yourself! Nobody wants to listen to a robotic pitch – people want to have a natural and “human” conversation!
  3. Know what you’re selling – It goes without saying that you should be an expert on the fundraising product that you’re selling! If you don’t know your product or your service, how do you expect a supporter to trust you and give you money? Learn every single detail – it’ll make or break your credibility!
  4. Follow up – For those who want to be really good salespeople, you need to go above and beyond the others. That means keeping in touch with supporters, and making sure they are happy with the product they bought. It will help you build a relationship with them, and you’ll be able to count on them for future fundraisers. A nice way to go about this is to send thank you notes or emails.
  5. Look the part – You need to look professional, so make sure you look and come across as respectful, groomed, and friendly!
  6. Anticipate any objection – You need to be prepared, because it’s not always easy convincing supporters to participate. Find the strengths and the weaknesses of your fundraising idea and be ready to present alternatives and other benefits that will convince the supporter to contribute to your cause. A good way around this is to equip yourself with multiple fundraising products. For example: you’re selling chocolate bars but your supporter isn’t into junk food – no problem! You’re also offering nut and snack mixes!
  7. Stay focused – It is very important to be focused on your projects, and to sell it with passion. Don’t compare yourself with the competitors, and celebrate every time you have a success.
  8. Be optimistic – Show your supporters you are a positive person, optimistic, and it will be easier to convince them to support your cause.
  9. Be a good listener – Pay attention to what your supporter says, and to what his expectations are. Make sure you are able to give him everything he needs or wants.
  10. Be grateful – Your supporters will be happier and will appreciate you more if you show gratitude for their participation. It is a great idea to thank them in public for their support.

10 Tips to Be a Great Salesman for Your Potential Customers - The Art of Being a Great Salesman