Valentine’s Day Raffle Prize Ideas

Valentine's Day Raffle Prize Ideas

Raffle Prize Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fundraising

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a raffle fundraiser! Most people will be buying a gift anyway, and will love the chance to win one. Raffle prizes can include the typical gift ideas of candy and stuffed animals, or go for something a little different. Who wouldn’t love to get a new electronic item for Valentine’s Day? 🙂

Gift baskets are probably the most popular Valentine’s day raffle prize. Your basket could include chocolates, cheese & wine, spa products, or a combination. You could even make up a basket with one or more electronics, like a new Kindle with accessories or Echo devices.

We love shopping on Amazon for raffle prizes, but you can also make your own gift baskets. You may even be able to get local businesses to donate items for your basket.

A giant stuffed animal is also a great idea for a Valentine’s Day raffle. Also, Amazon devices are popular prizes at any time of the year. A raffle is an easy and fun idea for a quick February fundraiser.

4 Valentine’s Day Raffle Prize Ideas

4 Valentines Day Raffle Prize Ideas

4 Raffle Prize Ideas:

  1. Valentine’s Day Themed Gift Basket
  2. Box of Chocolates!
  3. Valentine’s Day Giant Teddy Bear
  4. Electronics


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1. Valentine’s Day Themed Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets are the most popular choice for a raffle prize. These usually include chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers, spa products, and other Valentine themed items. You can make your own or buy one already made.

Our Favorite Gift Basket for Valentine’s Day Raffle

We chose this gift basket as our favorite because it’s good for a woman or man, and has lots of yummy Lindor chocolates! You could offer several available for the raffle.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket -
Valentine’s Day Gift Basket –


2. Box of Chocolates

A box of chocolates are one of the most wished for items for Valentine’s Day. The Godiva Chocolates Gift Box selection is wide and you are sure to find the perfect one for your raffle prize. Plus, there are many other selections to choose from.

Our Favorite Box of Chocolates

We love this Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolates  gold gift box with a red bow. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day raffle! These come in different sizes and prices, so pick which works best for your group. You could raffle more than one or different sizes for first, second, and third prizes.

Godiva Chocolates -
Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolates Gold Gift Box –



3. Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

A giant stuffed teddy bear would be a perfect for any age sweetheart! These are a popular gift item around Valentine’s Day.

Our Favorite Teddy Bear Pick:

Our favorite pick is this MaoGoLan Giant (36 inch) Teddy Bear. Partly because he’s such a cute, cuddly bear and because of the hearts on his nose and bottoms of feet. A real Valentine’s Day bear! Who could resist this for a raffle prize?

Giant Teddy Bear -
MaoGoLan Giant (36 inch) Teddy Bear –


4. Electronics

The Amazon electronic devices are a very popular raffle prize for both men and women. From the Kindle to any of the Echo devices, you can’t go wrong with electronics! You can also usually get great deals for these around any holiday.

Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time for a Raffle Fundraiser!

Valentines Day is the perfect time for a raffle fundraiser!

Don’t Forget the Raffle Tickets!

If you’re planning a raffle, don’t overlook the main ingredient…the raffle tickets! Be sure to have plenty on hand for all of your participants.

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