Making the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser

How to Make the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Popular Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraisers have been a popular way to raise money for schools, sports teams and other non profit organization. Cookie dough fundraiser companies provide tubs or boxes of frozen cookie dough for your group to sell. Your group takes advance orders and/or buys a certain number of cases ahead of time and then sells it.

There are many ways to boost the sales of your cookie dough fundraising program.

1. Plan your sale way in advance and let your sellers know ahead of time about the cookie dough fundraiser.

2. Set goals for the cookie dough fundraiser. Decide ahead of time how much money needs to be raised. From this goal fundraising amount calculate how many units of cookie dough will need to be sold. Let your sellers know what their individual goals are.

3. Set a reasonable time limit for getting all the orders in from participants.

4. Offer prizes for participants who sell the minimum amount.

5. Offer a big prize for the person who sells the most cookie dough.

6. Create “teams” of sellers and provide a pizza party or other incentive for the group who sells the most.

7. If your organization is short the minimum order, the organization can fund the difference and sell them later.

8. Use extra cookie dough supply or buy extra to make cookies. Sell cookies at a bake sale, sports game, at school, or anywhere there are people. If your baking oven is near your selling table it’s even better — people can’t resist when they smell the warm aroma of cookies baking!
About the Author: Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years and is dedicated to helping non profits raise more for their causes.


How to Make the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser