5 Exciting Ideas for Cheerleader Fundraising

5 Exciting Ideas for Cheerleader Fundraising

Put Excitement Into Your Cheerleader Fundraiser!

Cheerleaders create excitement, so it stands to reason, that their fundraisers should be exciting as well. We’ve put together a few ideas that will earn the funds you need and generate excitement as well.

1. Spirit Products

Spirit products are always a good choice for anything relating to sports teams of any kind or age. Everyone loves to support their team.  Any of these can be customized with your team name and logo. And, everyone will be excited to wear them! A few ideas are below:

2. Car Wash

One idea would be the ever faithful Car Wash. There is plenty of opportunity to stir up some excitement with a car wash. Have a few of the cheerleaders out front doing cheers! You’re sure to bring in lots of business.

3. Katydids Candy

Everyone will get excited when they see you are selling their favorite Katydids candy. This is available in tins or boxes by the case. Or, as an order-taker fundraiser.

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4. Jewelry

Cheerleaders can certainly get excited about jewelry! This order-taker fundraising brochure has awesome jewelry for women, men, and children. This will be a fun way for cheerleaders to earn the funds they need for new uniforms.

Jewelry Order-Taker Fundraiser >>

5. Custom Scratchcards

These custom scratchcards can have your cheerleader group photo on the front. Drum roll please… Create excitement when donors scratch off their dot to see what they will donate. Scratchcards will earn the highest profit of any other fundraising product, up to 90%! If you need money fast, this is great choice.

Custom Scratchcards >>


Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleader Fundraiser Ideas:

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