Easy Fundraising Ideas for Soccer Teams

Soccer Team Fundraising Ideas

Need Ideas for a Soccer Team Fundraiser?

If you’re looking for ideas for an easy fundraiser for your soccer team, you’re in the right place. We have a few suggestions to get you started. Soccer teams most often use point-of-sale type products, rather than order-takers for their fundraisers. Since Soccer for any age is generally played in the Spring or Fall, one of the favorite choices is the Dollar Candy Bar kits. Since the weather is cool, there is no worry about the candy melting! Also popular are other snack foods and custom spirit products. If your team needs to earn funds fast, consider the Custom Scratchcards, which earns the highest profit. Most of these items can be purchased online to make your life easier. And, they are all easy to do! Just buy, sell, and make money for your soccer team. Plus, these are items that people love to buy anyway, so selling them will be easy.

Fundraiser Suggestions:

Candy Bar Kits

Candy Bars are one of the best selling fundraisers for soccer teams. These can be sold at games, or possibly your team can have a table set up at a local retail store (with permission). Candy bars are always a popular item, and almost everyone will donate a dollar for a candy bar in return. We offer Hershey’s and Van Wyk in a variety of choices. Most earn up to a 50% profit or more.

Snack Foods

Snack Food is also a popular fundraiser for soccer teams to sell at the game. Beef Jerky is a favorite  for any sports team, as well as other snack items (popcorn, pretzel rods, fruit snacks). These can be sold at the game concession stand if you have one.

Custom Spirit Items

Custom Spirit items, such as t-shirts, tumblers, and eye black are popular for high school soccer teams. Our newest spirit item are logo socks! These can be sold at school, pep rallies, games, and events. Everyone loves showing school spirit and any of these will be great selling items.

Custom Scratchcards

Custom Scratchcards make the hightest profit of any of our other products, earning up to  90%. Choose these if you need to earn money fast. You can have the cards customized with your team photo! Each card cost $20 and (if all dots are scratched) will make $100, giving you $80 profit! You will also receive 10% free scratchcards if you order at least 10 cards, which gives even more profit!

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Soccer Teams

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