Church, Sunday School, Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Church, Sunday School, and Youth Groups

Churches usually choose to raise funds by having suppers and other community type projects. However, within the church are Sunday School classes, youth groups, prayer groups, and women’s clubs. These individual groups usually raise funds on their own for specific projects. For example, a youth group will have a bake sale or car wash. The women’s Sunday School Class or Bible Study Group might sell Katydids candy (a long time favorite!) or candles. The whole church could put together a cookbook. We have five favorite fundraising ideas for your church, Sunday School, or Youth Group.

5 Favorite Fundraising Ideas

5 Favorite Fundraising Ideas for Church, Sunday School, Youth Groups

1. Katydids Candy

Most Popular Church Fundraiser!

Katydids Candy Fundraiser

Katydids candy has long been a popular fundraiser for churches! It’s a delectable candy, made of buttery caramel, roasted pecans, and covered in smooth milk chocolate. These 8 ounce tins make a nice gift and of course, to treat yourself!

We suggest that you order cases of Katydids and set the tins in your church vestibule or other area to promote sales. Also, church members, Sunday School classes, and church clubs can sell tins to friends and family. You can also use an order-taker brochure.

2. Candles

Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Candles are also a great fundraising idea for churches. Perfect for women’s clubs or youth groups. The Journey of Faith candles are perfect for a church fundraiser!

3. Supper Fundraisers

Supper Fundraisers
Suppers of one kind or another have long been a church fundraising staple. Put a new twist on your supper fundraiser by using National Food days each month to get ideas. There is usually at least one “food day” for every day of the month, so this can give you many ideas for your supper foods. For example, National Tater Day is a great opportunity to have a Tater Supper with all types of potato dishes. Plan them for the actual National Day or for a day close by, or for any day you want! Even with our new social distancing guidelines, you could still have your supper by using take-out or using the rules for your area.

4. Bake Sales

Bake Sales
Bake Sales are a popular fundraising choice for churches. Members of the church donate baked goods for the bake sale. Put a unique twist on the basic bake sale by having a theme for the baked goods. We suggest using National Days, such as Chocolate Cake Day or Pie Day and have all of your baked goods represent this theme.

5. Cookbooks

Cookbook Fundraisers
Cookbooks are a popular fundraising idea for churches, women’s Sunday School class, or church group. This is not the easiest of fundraisers, as it requires a lot of work getting the recipes together and then put into a book format. However, it’s very rewarding and will make profits for years to come.

You can find publishers that will do the final cookbook for you, or you could publish it on Amazon. This is relatively easy for anyone to do. You can sign up at Kindle Direct Publishing and use their step-by-step directions. You can publish it as a print or ebook, or both. It will be print by demand, so no need to print a lot of copies that you have to pay for up front. Also, being in Amazon, it will make it easier for members to order, plus sales from being in Amazon, which is a huge marketplace.

Church, Sunday School, Youth Group Fundraising

We hope these suggestions give you new fundraising ideas for your Church, Sunday School, or Youth Group.