Cookie Dough Fundraising Tips

Cookie Dough Fundraising Tips

Tips for Making Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser Better

Cookie Dough is one of the most popular fundraising products for elementary schools. These articles feature tips for helping you have a more successful cookie dough fundraiser.

Cookie Dough Fundraising Articles:

1. How to Choose the Best Cookie Dough Fundraising Brochure for Your School – Let’s face it, there are lots of cookie dough brochures available. And, no, they are not all alike. Each brochure is a little different, so you have to decide on the brochure that is the best for your school or group. Read more…

2. Pros & Cons of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser – The cookie dough fundraiser is one of the most popular choices for elementary schools. Although it gets repeated year after year, it’s tried and true, and still remains a top choice. However, there are pros and cons, up-sides and down-sides, to consider before choosing cookie dough for your school. Read more…

3. Make the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Cookie dough fundraisers have been a popular way to raise money for schools, sports teams and other non profit organization. Cookie dough fundraiser companies provide tubs or boxes of frozen cookie dough for your group to sell. Your group takes advance orders and/or buys a certain number of cases ahead of time and then sells it. There are many ways to boost the sales of your cookie dough fundraising program. Read more…


Cookie Dough Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Help Books

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