Fund-Pass App Online Fundraiser

Fund-Pass App for Fundraising

Easy Fundraising Idea for Schools and Churches! No Physical Product, Online Fundraising

Get your fundraising efforts with the times when you use this Fund-Pass App. It’s an easy fundraising idea for school clubs and groups. The app offers nationwide coupons for customers when they easily purchase the app online. It’s easy for you because you have no products to purchase or deliver, no up-front cost,  and no minimum purchase. Plus, you’ll earn a 50% profit! It’s a win-win fundraiser.


  • No Up-Front Cost
  • No Minimum Purchase
  • 50% Profit
  • Offers Nationwide Coupons – Find deals with built-in geo-location of merchants
  • Easy to Sell – Use email and social media
  • On-line Purchase Option
  • No Physical Product
  • Easy to Invite Merchants to Join
  • Easy to Manage with Fund-Pass Planner

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Profit Chart:

Sell Your Cost You Collect Profit
1+ $10.00 $20.00 50%

Fund-Pass Profit Chart

Fund-Pass Participating Merchants

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Fund-Pass App – How It Works:

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