Why Choose Custom Tumblers for Sports Team Fundraising?

Why Choose Custom Tumblers for Sports Team Fundraising

Choosing a Fundraiser for Your Sports Team

It’s always hard to decide which fundraising product to choose for your sports team. Obviously, you want something that will sell well and give you a decent profit. There are lots of products that fit that description.

So, what is the most important question to ask yourself?

What Do Your Fans Want?

Ultimately, you want to choose a product your fans want to buy. Again, that could include a lot of products. But, the number one product fans want is something spirit related. They want something that shows off their pride in the team. Something that includes their team colors, name, and logo! So, anything custom designed will sell well. That narrows it down. But, remember, you also want something that is a quality product that makes a great profit, which will narrow it down even more.
Tumblers for Fundraising

Why Choose Tumblers?

There are many custom spirit product choices. As I mentioned before, fans love almost any product that includes their team name and logo. So why choose tumblers? Well, for one thing, tumblers are the “in thing” these days! Everyone loves and uses them! To make it easy, I made a list of reasons why you should choose tumblers for your next sports team fundraiser:

8 Reasons Why Fans Will Buy Tumblers:

  1. They LOVE them!
  2. Tumblers are useful.
  3. Customized with team name and logo.
  4. Tumblers keep drinks cold or hot.
  5. Collectible
  6. Tumblers are not bad for you!
  7. Tumblers save the environment.
  8. And, tumblers LOOK AWESOME!

How Much Profit Will You Earn?

This is something you have to consider is choosing your product. Sometimes a great product comes with a very low profit or there is a high profit on a not so great product. You’ll have balance it out, when making your decision. A good profit to aim for is at least 40%. High profit is considered 50% or above.

NOTE: When looking at the profit, be sure and consider charges that can lessen your profit.

3 Charges That Can Lessen Your Profit:

  1. Shipping Charge – Don’t forget the shipping charge! This can eat into your profit and bring a big disappointment. If you’re lucky, you will find a product that offers free shipping.
  2. Customization Fee – Beware of the customization fee. This will also eat into your profit. Usually, there is a minimum order to get free customization. Thus, be sure you can order the minimum.
  3. Minimum Order – Most fundraising products require a minimum order for shipping and customization. Requirements vary. Be sure to choose your product carefully, that you can meet that minimum.

Purchase Up-Front or Order-Taker Brochure?

Most spirit products require you to order product for sales and pay up-front. You can always purchase with a credit card or purchase order to delay payment until all products are sold. But, suppose you don’t sell everything in one month? If you fear this may be a problem, consider an order-taker type fundraiser. In some cases, you can have order-taker brochures made to feature your customized product. This gives you the opportunity to make sales and collect payments before sending in your order. Even better, some products give you the option to do both! You can purchase tumblers to show customers before they order.

Which Tumbler Should You Sell?

Almost any tumbler that shows off your team name will be a hit with the fans. That means they will buy them! But, you will want a good profit rate. And, of course, you want to give your fans a quality product.

Choose a Quality Product

There are many tumbler fundraiser choices. We feature several choices right here on this site. But, my recommendation is our Fusion Stainless Steel Custom Tumblers. These are available in 20oz tumbler and 30oz tumbler and earn 48% and 50% profit respectively. Both offer up-front purchase, as well as the order-taker brochure. Both can be engraved with your school/team name and logo free of charge if you order 40 tumblers, and both will be shipped free with a minimum order of only 20 tumblers. These tumblers have it all! And, most important, these are a quality product, made of stainless steel, powder coated, and awesome color choices. These look fabulous and fans will love them!

Why a Fusion Tumbler Fundraiser Will Earn More for Your Team:

  • FREE Customization with order of 40+
  • Earn 48% to 50% Profit
  • FREE Shipping! (with minimum order)
  • Minimum Order: 20 tumblers
  • Order-Taker Brochures Available

Fusion Stainless Steel Tumblers = Quality

  • Metallic, powder coated finish
  • 18/8, Stainless Steel
  • Rust, puncture and fade resistant
  • Double wall vacuum insulated
  • Keeps cold 24 hours – Hot 8 hours
  • Shatter resistant, clear, slide close lid
  • Large custom logo engraving area
  • BPA Free
  • Many color choices

20oz Fusion Tumblers for Fundraising 30oz Fusion Tumblers for Fundraising


If you’re considering the Fusion tumblers, I recommend ordering the minimum of 40 engraved tumblers, and you will receive the free customization and free shipping. Use these 40 tumblers to sell at games or sports events, along with showing the order-taker brochure. This will give you the chance to show off the quality of the tumbler. Customers can choose to purchase a tumbler on-the-spot and/or order one or more to be delivered later. These will make great gifts for friends and family.

In conclusion, I will say that I love tumblers and recommend them for a successful sports team fundraiser. Choose the product that suits your needs best. Happy Fundraising!

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Custom Tumblers - Fun Idea for Sports Team Fundraising

Why Choose Tumblers for Sports Team Fundraising?