Fundraisers That Smell Good: Candles, Smencils

Scented Fundraisers

How About a Fundraiser That Smells Good?

Candles are a fundraising faithful, and have been a popular fundraising choice for many years. Candles are useful and smell wonderful, so sales will always be good. We have several choices: Earth Collection Hourglass Tumbers and Canning Jars, by Heritage Candles, by the case and by order-taker. And, also the Homefront Candles order-taker fundraiser.

Smencils and Smens are a unique idea for fundraising, and smell good, too! Made from recycled paper, these are considered a “green fundraiser”.  Plus, we’ve just added Crayola Silly Scents and Crayola Scented Gel Crayons. We also have scented erasers. Lots of great smell ideas!

Any of these are a great idea for schools, school clubs, or churches.

Fundraising Ideas That Smell Good!

Fundraising Ideas that Smell Good

Smencils & Smens

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Candle Order-Taker Fundraisers

Candles Order-Taker Fundraiser Homefront Candles Order-Taker Fundraiser

Scented School Supplies

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Scented Fundraising Product Choices:

Earth Canning Jar Candles – by Heritage. A mainstay of fundraising for years. Many gourmet scent choices. Gift Box included.

Earth Hourglass Candles – by Heritage. Beautiful shape for decorating or gifts. Premium scents. Gift box includes.

Earth Collection Order-Taker Fundraiser – Includes the Earth Canning Jar and Hourglass tumbler candles in a pre-sell, no risk fundraising brochure.

Homefront Candles Order-Taker Fundraiser – Candle Tri-Packs. Earn 50% profit.

Smencils – are scented pencils, made of recycled paper and gourmet scents. The perfect idea for a school or PTO/PTA fundraiser. These are available in several styles and themes.

Smens – are scented pens, great for school fundraisers. Available in glitter, tri-color, and neon gel with scented grippers.

Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons – Fun idea for a school club. Yummy scented gel crayons.

Scented Key Chains – Students will love these cute scented key chains. They can choose their favorite character.

Scented Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and your group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!
  • Never sell door-to-door in an unfamiliar neighborhood

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