How to Get the Most From Your Fundraising Event

How to Get the Most from your Fundraising Event

10 Tips for Getting the Most Participation and Money From Your Fundraising Event

Need a fundraising boost? We’re here to help! Below are some tips to help you get the most participation and money from your events, sales, and activities. With a little organization and lots of dedication, bringing in the cash can be as simple as “A, B, C”!

1. Schedule your fundraising activities well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to advertise and prepare for the events.

2. Before any fundraising event, post flyers around school and give one to each student.

3. Send flyers home to each parent through the mail.

4. For some of your fundraisers, hold contests between students. Award the top ten students who either sell the most or get the most people to attend the fundraising event.

5. Get sponsors from the community. In exchange for their help in promoting your events, you can include your sponsors’ names or logos on new fliers.

6. Make a deal with your local newspaper or radio station to help you promote your fundraising efforts. In exchange, hang their banners in your school and/or at big sporting events!

7. Ask local restaurants or stores if you can post your fundraising flyers in their establishment.

8. Contact local grocery stores. Have them help advertise your events in ad flyers or at their check-out lines.

9. Make fundraising announcements at each home game and handout flyers at the front gate.

10. Keep a chart at the school entrance tracking the money earned versus your goal. Or, make announcements during school and tell students how much money you have raised to-date.

Article Thanks to: Everything Elementary School Spirit Store

How to Get the Most from your Fundraising Event