10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Follow These 10 Steps to Make Your Fundraiser a Success!

Step 1: Motivated Group Leader
A highly motivated leader will have a profound effect on the participants which will ultimately lead to a successful campaign.

Step 2: Set a Goal
The end result should be clear. Specify exactly where the proceeds will go. It will be more worthwhile to the participants if they know what specific needs their efforts are going to.

Step 3: Set a Deadline
Have all the participants be aware of the due date to turn in the money. We recommend running the fundraiser two to three weeks maximum.

Step 4: Create a Prize
Incentives for your participants are always a great help. You can suggest that $50-$100 of the money raised be set aside for prizes such as gift certificates or a pizza party.

Step 5: Inform the Parents
Parents should be aware of the fundraiser through verbal or written notice. The most effective way is to have the parents attend the distribution.

Step 6: List 25 Potential Donors
Each participant should write down 25 people they plan to approach.  Some great examples are (hair stylist, mailman, doctor, accountant, dentist, teachers, etc.)

Step 7: Simplify the Fundraiser
Breaking down participants tasks into small increments of time is a easy way to encourage them to complete their books. Example: If participants can get 2 people a day to donate for 13 days, they will have raised the full $100.

Step 8: 3 Day Follow Up
The group leader should stay on top of the participants at least every 3 days for the duration of the campaign. Acknowledge those who have been doing well, and help immediately those who are dragging behind.

Step 9: Avoid 2 Campaigns at Once
Stay away from overwhelming situations by concentrating on one campaign at a time. It would be detrimental to the group to run 2 campaigns at once.

Step 10: Consult your Distributor
To maximize the full potential of the groups campaign efforts, it would be highly effective to keep in contact with your fundraising consultant. Any problems can be immediately remedied.


10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign