June Fundraising Ideas

June Fundraising Ideas

Ideas for Your June Fundraisers

Since this year is not typical by any means, you will need new and unique ideas for your June fundraisers. Social distancing makes fundraising a challenge for sure! However, you can still get your campaigns done by making a few changes.

Just like everything else, you will have to take your fundraising online. For this year’s June fundraiser, consider an online store. Your supporters can go online to make their purchase and make payments. It’s all done by email and social media and you never have to be face-to-face. You can also sell other products you may want to promote by going online for your sales. Even order-taker fundraisers can be done online. And, we have the perfect order-taker ideas! This article has four suggestions for your June fundraisers.

4 Ideas for a June Fundraiser:

  1. Custom Face Masks
  2. Custom Flip Flops
  3. Pizza & a Movie Discount Cards (Papa John’s Pizza and a Redbox Movie!)
  4. Free Online Store

1. Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Mask Fundraiser

NOW is the time to take advantage of the need for face masks! This is a great product for sports teams, churches, schools, and clubs. Put your custom logo on face masks! You also get a custom order-taker brochure. More Info…

2. Custom Flip Flops

Custom Flip Flops Order-Taker Fundraiser

Summer is the perfect time for a Flip Flop Fundraiser! These flip flops feature your custom logo. The custom order-taker brochure makes it easy to take orders and still comply with social distancing. More Info…

3. Pizza & a Movie Discount Cards

Pizza and a Movie Discount Card Fundraiser

With everyone needing to stay at home, this Pizza and a Movie discount card will be a winner! It features Papa John’s Pizza and Redbox movie discounts. These are available ot purchase up front or as an order-taker. More Info…

4. Free Online Store Fundraiser

Free Online Store Fundraiser

This is by far the easiest fundraiser for your team, group, school, or church. Just set up your free online store, share by email or social media, and earn 40% of sales. You get a commission check each month. This is easy and it’s free…so get started now! You can use this as your main fundraiser or in addition to others. It can be an ongoing fundraiser, bringing you monthly checks. More Info…

So, there you have it!

Now you have four ideas to get you started with your June fundraisers. Best wishes for a great summer!