Online Fundraisers for Schools – We Have Ideas!

Online Fundraisers for Schools - We Have Ideas!

Going Online is the New Normal for School Fundraisers

Everything has changed over the past year, and with that, school fundraising has to change along with it. The “New Normal” means fundraising will need to be done mostly online. No more door-to-door selling or tables in front of a grocery store. Elementary schools most often use an order-taker brochure, but with social distancing, this type of fundraiser would be hard to do…except now….our order-takers include an online store. This gives you the ability to share your fundraiser by text, email and social media.

Fundraising online is a new concept and will take some getting used to. Just like school online, we will adjust. There ARE options for fundraising online. And… WE have ideas!

4 Ideas for Online Fundraisers

Ideas for Online Fundraisers

1. Cookie Dough Brochures with Online Stores

Cookie dough is one of the most popular fundraising products for elementary schools. You can now offer all of our cookie dough as a print brochure and/or an online store. Each brochure comes with an online store and you can choose to use both the print brochure and the store, only the online store, or only the brochure.

ALL Cookie Dough Brochures >>

2. Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taker with Online Store

Popcorn is one of our most popular fundraiser choices! Our Poppin’ Popcorn order-taker brochure now includes a free online store and a ship-to-home option. You have many choices on how to run your gourmet popcorn fundraiser.

Poppin Popcorn Order-Taker Brochure >>

3. Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

This online store features candy, snacks, home decor, candles, tumblers, and more. Free to start, easy to set-up! And, it’s safe for students! Your supporters purchase online and items are direct shipped to their home. Easy for you, easy for them.

Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store >>

4. Order-Taker Brochures with Ship to Home Option

Many of our UNIPAK order-taker brochures feature an online store with a direct ship to buyer’s home option. Your traditional order-taker is not only online, but you can choose to have items only ship to buyer. No worries about deliveries.

Ship-to-Home Order-Taker Brochures >>


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