Online Fundraisers for Schools – We Have Ideas!

Online Fundraisers for Schools - We Have Ideas!

Going Online is the New Normal for School Fundraisers

Everything has changed over the past few months, and with that, school fundraising has to change along with it. The “New Normal” means fundraising will need to be done mostly online. No more door-to-door selling or tables in front of a grocery store. Now…we have to take our fundraisers online!

Fundraising online is a new concept and will take some getting used to. Just like school online, we will adjust. There ARE options for fundraising online. Fortunately, there is internet and social media. And… WE have ideas!

4 Ideas for Online Fundraisers

Ideas for Online Fundraisers

1. Order-Taker Brochures With Web Store

Now your supporters can safely shop your order-taker brochure using an online store. Most of our order-taker brochures include an ONLINE STORE that features products in the print brochure. This is the easiest way to have a safe distance fundraiser!

Order-Taker Brochures with Online Stores >>

2. Custom Face Mask Brochure & Web Store

The most popular fundraiser we have now is the Custom Face Mask order-taker. Face mask are a popular item right now and everyone needs one or more. Offering a mask with your school’s logo is always amazing! This brochure also offers a variety of other mask, including funny animals and rhinestones. Plus, it features TEXT to Pay…making it easy for customers to pay without face-to-face contact. This is sure to be a successful fundraiser!

And, the best part is… you get a custom brochure AND a personalized web store to sell your face masks! It doesn’t get any better than that. This is the perfect fundraising idea for schools, sports teams, band boosters, and school clubs.

Custom Face Masks Fundraiser w/Web Store >>

3. Custom Discount Cards With Web Store

This fundraiser is perfect for middle and high schools or sports teams. The custom discount card features your logo! Plus you get a web store for selling. This is a high profit fundraiser, earning up to 93% profit. YES, you can still do this fundraiser with social distancing by sharing the online Web Store with supporters.

Custom Discount Cards with Web Store >>

4. .PDF Order-Taker Brochures

Elementary schools most often use order-taker brochures. With our New Normal, this type of fundraiser would be hard to do, but we have adapted! You can now get most order-taker brochures in a .PDF format, which gives you the ability to email and share on social media. You can still do your favorite order-taker fundraisers, only adapted to “social distancing”. You might like to read this article: How to Have an Order-Taker Fundraiser and Comply With Social Distancing.

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