Sweet Selections for Fundraising: Katydids Candy, Chocolate Bars, Lollipops, Caramels

Candy Fundraisers

Candy Fundraising Ideas

Below are a few Sweet Selections for Fundraising, including Katydids, Candy Bar Kits,  Lollipops, and Soft Caramels which can be ordered by the case. Plus, several order-taker brochures for candy, including Golden Treasures, Katydids, Classic Collection, Caramels, and Yummy Bunnies.

Candy Fundraiser Choices

Katydids Candy Fundraisers Candy Bar Fundraisers Lollipops for Fundraising Soft Caramel Fundraiser

Candy Order-Taker Brochures:

Katydids Candy Order-Taker Fundraiser Golden Treasures Candy Order-Taker Fundraiser

Candy Fundraisers:

Katydids Candy – is the most popular candy fundraiser. You can buy boxes up front and sell to earn your profit, or you can choose to do an Order-Taker fundraiser by requesting the Katydids brochures, take orders, and pay for products after your fundraiser is finished (see below).

Chocolate Bar Kits – are also a great seller, especially for sports teams to sell at games and events. There are several choices of brands and types of candy bar kits. Brands include: Hershey’s and Van Wyk. You can choose $1 or $2 candy bars, variety packs or straight packs. Each master case holds several candy bar kits. These kits have easy to carry handles to make selling easy. We recommend ordering one kit per participant.

Lollipops – are another fun idea for fundraising for schools, churches, or any club or group. There are many flavor and theme choices, including General, Holiday, and Sports.

Soft Caramels – will be a hit for your next fundraiser. Available to order in 6 flavors. Individually wrapped, Made in USA. Also available as an order-taker fundraiser.

Candy Available in Order-Taker Brochures

Katydids Candy – Everyone’s favorite candy in an order-taker brochure!

Golden Treasures – A variety of yummy candy choices, including katydids, caramels, and imps.

Soft Caramels – These soft, yummy caramels in an order-taker brochure featuring all 6 flavors.

Candy Fundraisers

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