Traditional Fundraising Brochures

La-Tee-Da! Candles Fundraiser

Traditional Order-Taker Brochures for School Fundraising

Schools traditionally use order-taker (or pre-sell) brochures for fundraising campaigns. Cookie dough and Katydids Candy are our two most popular brochure fundraisers!

Most of our brochures feature free shipping and no or low minimum order.

These features help smaller groups such as school clubs and sports teams. We also offer an online store for some of our products. Use the links below to see the details of each fundraiser. To order brochures: 866-248-6361.

Info/Order Brochures: 866-248-6361

Choose Your Favorite Brochure:

Favalicious Crunchy Snacks | Cookie Dough Favorites | $14 Cookie Dough | Katydids Candy | Heritage Earth Candles | Journey of Faith Candles | Chaos Popcorn | Mini Cookies | Snacking Made Simple | Slow Smoked Snacks | Ultimate Coffee | 3-19 Coffee | Custom Tumblers | Restaurant Cards

Favalicious Crunchy Snacks Custom Tumblers Tumblers Brochure Fundraiser Heritage Candles FundraiserHeritage Candles, Journey of Faith Collection, Brochure Fundraiser Restaurant Cards Chaos Popcorn Mini Cookies Snacking Made Simple Slow Smoked Snacks Ultimate Coffee Collection 3-19 Coffee Katydids Candy Favorite Cookie Dough $14 Cookie Dough

How Does a Traditional Brochure Fundraiser Work?

  1. Call (1-866-248-6361) to order 1 FREE brochure per fundraising participant.
  2. Participants collect orders and payment from friends and family.
  3. You place the final order for the products.
  4. All items will be shipped to you in about 10 days.
  5. Distribute to your participants to deliver to customers.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)

Info/Order Brochures: 866-248-6361

No Risk Brochure Fundraisers

Traditional Brochure Fundraisers


Free Fundraising Info Guide

Free Fundraising Info Guide



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