Custom Discount Cards for Fundraising – With Web Store

Custom Discount Card Fundraiser with Web Store

Custom Discount Cards Fundraiser

Custom Discount Cards have been a fundraising staple for years. Now, as a representative for ABC Fundraising, I can offer you this high profit fundraiser. The best part is, it can now be done ONLINE! Yep, when you order your custom discount cards, you also get a Web Store to sell them! With our “New Normal” of social distancing, it has made fundraising complicated. But, there is always a way to work around every dilemma, and ABC Fundraising has worked it’s magic. You can still have your favorite discount card fundraiser by sending customers to your personal web store to purchase. It couldn’t be easier!

We recommend this fundraiser for groups of 30 or more, since there is a minimum purchase of 300 cards. Generally, each person sells 5 to 10 cards each. Also, keep in mind that it takes 4 – 6 weeks to receive custom cards after merchant list has been received.


  • Custom Discount Card w/your logo
  • 15 Local Merchant discounts on your card
  • Offers good for one year
  • 3 Card Choices: $10, $15, $20
  • Up to 93% Profit with Profit Booster Program
  • No Money Up Front Options (see details below)
  • FREE Delivery
  • Recommended for groups of 30 or more
  • Personal Web Store for Selling ($25 Set-Up Fee)

Three Discount Card Choices:

  1. $10 Card – COST: $6.00 each – 400 minimum
  2. $15 Card –  COST: $7.50 each – 300 minimum
  3. $20 Card – COST: $9.00 each – 300 minimum

How it Works:

  1. Email me ( and I will send you a Merchant Wish List to fill out and return along with your logo image.
  2. ABC Fundraising then calls merchants and creates your discount card with a minimum of 15 great offers.
  3. Receive your cards within 4-6 weeks of sending your wish list.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started? or 434-851-6297

If you’re ready to get started, give me a call, text, (434-851-6297) or email ( If you email, please include your Organization Name, Contact Name and Phone Number, Shipping Address, how many in your group, and tentative Start Date for fundraiser. Be sure to mention which fundraiser your inquiring about. I will be happy to answer any questions and get you started!

Include in Email:

  • Organization Name (if one)
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Number in Your Group
  • Tentative Fundraiser Start Date
  • Fundraiser = Custom Discount Cards

Custom Discount Cards

The Custom Discount Card Fundraiser

Custom Discount Cards feature your logo on the front on a coordinating background. The back of the card features local and national merchant discounts that are good for one year. You get to fill out a merchant wish list to select the merchants you want on your card. You can proof the card before it’s mailed. The card itself is a plastic card that looks like a credit card. It’s easy to carry and have handy when shopping. This discount card can save your customers lots of cash, so they will be eager to purchase.

GREAT NEWS! There is also a personal WEB STORE to sell your cards!

We recommend you watch the video below to learn more about the Discount Card Fundraiser.

Learn About the Discount Card Fundraiser

Highest Profit Fundraiser

Custom Discount Cards can earn up to 93% profit with the Profit Booster Program! Here’s how! First, you will always receive 10% free cards with every order. There is a 300 card minimum order, which means you will, at the least, receive 30 free cards. PLUS, if you pay up-front, you will receive a FREE Spinner for every 100 cards you order. This means you will receive at least 3 free Spinners, making your profit soar to 93%. This is the highest profit fundraiser you will find anywhere. See the profit chart below to get an idea of how much your group can earn.

Profit Booster Program:

ABC Fundraising offers the highest profits because of their famous PROFIT BOOSTER! Your group will receive 10% to 15% FREE discount cards – PLUS – 1 Free Spinner® for every 100 cards ordered. The average Spinner raises $210 when all 50 coupons are sold at an average sales price of $3-$5 per coupon. Even one Spinner can greatly increase your profit!

Profit Chart:

Profit Chart is based on the $15 Card (most popular). 300 card minimum.

# Cards Ordered PROFIT – Includes 10% FREE Cards PROFIT BOOSTER – 21 Day Financing PROFIT BOOSTER – Pay Up-Front Includes 15% FREE Cards
300 $2700 $3330 $4185
500 $4500 $5550 $6975
800 $7200 $8880 $11,160
1200 $10,800 $13,320 $16,740
3000 $27,000 $33,300 $41,850

*The profit chart above is based on selling the $15 card and earning $7.50 per card. The “Profit Booster Program” column includes selling all of your discount cards and your free Spinners® (1 free for every 100 cards ordered) with an average profit per Spinner® of $210 each. The “Profit Booster Program, Pay Up-Front” column in green on the right represents the profit you will earn if paying up front and selling all of your discount cards, your Free Spinners® as well as selling the 5% additional free discount cards you receive as a bonus for paying up front. Average group members tend to sell 5-10 discount cards each. Please order accordingly.
Profit Booster - Receive 1 Free Spinner with every 100 cards ordered

Payment Options:

You have three options to pay that will give you time to have your fundraiser before paying for your cards. Check by phone (hold), school purchase order, or credit card. There is a $500 deposit for Option A and Option C. (This is for the hard cost of obtaining merchants and creating the card.) You can also pay by mailing a check or money order to pay up-front.

Option A: Check By Phone*

ABC Fundraising® can hold deposit your check 21 days from your delivery date to give you time to have your fundraiser before paying. If you prefer, you may fax a check or enter your check info on our order page. (You will get 10% extra cards.)

*BONUS – If you would like ABC Fundraising® to cash the check at time of purchase you will receive 15% Extra of the ABC Fundraising® Discount Cards.

*There is a 1 time mandatory up front administration fee of $20.00 for Option A.

* There is a $500 deposit required for this method. Pay $500 deposit up-front and you will have 21 days from delivery of your cards to pay the balance.

Option B: No Money Up Front with a Purchase Order*

Simply fax the purchase order to ABC Fundraising® and we will send you a bill which will be due within 30 days from your delivery date. Our fax number is 1.888.246-2487.

*This method is used for public schools and government run organizations with an official purchase order system.

Option C: No Money Up Front by Paying by Credit Card*

This will give you plenty of time (in most cases, 30 days) to run your fundraiser before having to pay your bill from your credit card company.

*BONUS: Receive a total of 15% Extra of the ABC Fundraising® Discount Cards.

*There is a $500 deposit for this method. You can pay the $500 up-front and the balance is due before the cards are shipped.

Free Delivery!

Delivery is free and it will take about 4-6 weeks for your Discount Cards to arrive, after the Merchant Wish List is sent in and payment is arranged. The longer time is for obtaining merchants and creating the cards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers are from ABC Fundraising

1. Can we approve the card before it’s shipped?

You will be able to proof the card before it is shipped for any errors. We will also allow up to 3 changes to the discounts on the card if you provide new merchants for us to contact. If we are unable to get 3 other merchants to give discounts, the card will be shipped with the original offers.

2. Can we return unsold discount cards?

Due to the custom nature of the discount card we will accept a maximum of 10% of the cards to be returned within 21 days of delivery. Free cards can’t be returned for credit and must be returned along with the 10% of your original order.

3. How many merchants should we choose from the wish list?

We ask that you provide a minimum of 20 local merchants on your merchant wish list to contact so we can create the best possible card. We guarantee that all discounts provided on the card will be a higher value than offers that a merchant would typically provide in a newspaper advertisement.

4. Why is there a $500 deposit?

The deposit is for covering hard cost of obtaining merchants and designing your card. If for any reason we are unable to provide a minimum of 10 offers for your card as described above you will receive a refund of your deposit.

Custom Discount Cards Fundraiser with Web Store

Free Fundraising Info Guide

Request Free Info Guide:
Need more fundraising ideas? Request a free fundraising info guide. Email Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Rep, ( and receive a .PDF fundraising guide by return email.

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