5 Safe Fundraising Ideas for February

February Fundraising Ideas

How to Have a Safe Fundraiser in February

This February you will need to choose a SAFE fundraiser for our New Normal. Fundraising has had to adjust to social distancing and we have several options to keep your fundraising safe. Our Order-Taker brochures now feature Web Stores and we have 3 options for Ship-to-Home fundraisers. No worries…you CAN have a safe fundraiser in February!

February is a FUN time to have a fundraiser! Winter is almost over and everyone is tired of cold weather and snow (unless, of course, you live where it’s warm all year.) Now is time to brighten things up with something fun and the perfect time for a fundraiser! Since Valentine’s Day falls in February, it also makes a fantastic opportunity for fundraising

5 Safe Fundraising Ideas for February

5 SAFE Fundraising Ideas

The ideas below will keep you safe while fundraising!

  1. Online Fundraising Store with Ship-to-Home
  2. Custom Face Masks with Web Store
  3. Gourmet Coffee with Web Store
  4. Custom Tumblers with Ship-to-Home
  5. Mrs. Field’s Cookies with Ship-to-Home

Valentine’s Day Themed Fundraising Ideas:

Valentines Day themed fundraising ideas for February

These ideas will work if you are having in-school learning.

Valentine’s Day Themed Ideas:

  • Katydids Candy – This exquisite candy is a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Bake Sale – Feature heart shaped cakes, decorated cupcakes and cookies, and other yummy desserts. Sure to be a success!
  • Flower Sale – Sell single roses and carnations during school on Valentine’s Day.
  • Raffle – Feature a Valentine’s Day related item, such as a gift basket, stuffed animal, or big box of chocolate.

February is the Perfect Time for a Fundraiser!

February is the perfect time for a fundraiser!

Things To-Do in February

Things TO-DO in February

Get Ready for Spring!

February is also the time to get ready for your big Spring fundraisers. Make a “Check List of Things To-Do in February” to get ready for the Spring fundraising season. It’s time to decide which direction your fundraiser will take. It’s time to get serious! Your Spring fundraiser should start in early March.

With careful planning and timely ordering, you should be able to have a successful Spring fundraising season. We have lots of fundraising tips to help you on your way.

Make a Check List of Things TO-DO in February to get ready for the Spring fundraising season.

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