Non-Profit Group Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Suggestions for Non-Profit Groups

Fundraising Suggestions For Non-Profit Groups

Non-Profit Groups sometimes have a fairly small number of members (as compared to schools), and are raising money for a particular cause. We have a few suggestions for this type of group.

  • Raffle – Hold a raffle with one or several prizes.  Use this as a stand alone, or along with another event.
  • Auction – Request donations to use for your auction. Hold the auction alone or in addition to another fundraising event (maybe a carnival).
  • Carnival – Set up booths and carnival games with prizes. Include a bake sale and an auction or raffle. And, of course, include a concession stand to sell snacks.
  • Bake Sale – You can have a bake sale outside of a local business (with permission, of course), or include it with another event, such as a carnival, festival, dance, or auction.
  • Dance – A dance is always a fun event to earn funds for your group. Refreshments at the dance can generate more funds.
  • Scratch & Help Cards – Earn funds fast with 80% profit, easy to do, no deliveries. Customize cards with your cause name and a photo.
  • Custom Wristbands – People love wristbands and these can have custom tags to represent your cause.
  • Custom Tumblers – Customize tumblers with your cause and sell at events.
  • Custom T-Shirts – Another idea to show off your cause. Sell at events or give away with a specific donation amount.


Non-Profit Group Fundraising Ideas