Elementary School Fundraising Ideas for PTA, PTO

PTA-PTO Fundraising Ideas

Order-Taker Fundraisers Are the Most Popular for School PTA/PTO

1. Order-Taker Fundraisers

One of the most popular fundraising ideas for elementary schools, usually involving PTA or PTO for the entire school, are Order Taker type fundraisers. One reason being that order-takers are easy enough for even the youngest school child to do.  Another reason is that they require no money up front and are risk free for the school. The most popular is cookie dough, but other product brochures include different types of candy and snacks, candles, tumblers, and more. Katydids candy is second favorite.

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2. Cookie Dough

The most popular order-taker fundraiser is cookie dough! It has it pros and cons, but elementary schools still love it because it sells better than other products. Everyone will order cookie dough…who can resist? So, you can’t go wrong offering cookie dough for your school fundraiser. And, it’s easy for all grades, even Kindergarten. There are several brochures choices, including tubs, pre-portioned boxes, or both.

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3. Scratch Cards

Another product that schools love is the scratch cards. Schools like these because they’re easy to do (just give each student one scratchcard) and there are no products to deliver after the fundraiser is completed. These have to be purchased up front, but can be paid for with a credit card or school purchase order, giving time to get the fundraiser finished before payment is due.

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4. Smencils & Smens

But, maybe you’re tired of the same old cookie dough (or other order-taker) and scratch cards and looking for a unique school fundraiser. If so, you will love Smencils and Smens! These are scented pencils and pens, made of recycled newspaper and with collectible caps. Not only are these a product every student can use and will love, they are environmentally friendly and considered a GREEN Fundraising product. These are the perfect solution for a new, exciting fundraising product. You might want to use this in addition to your order-taker, since it might not be feasible to send product home with students to sell. I suggest that you order a case and sell them in the school store or set up a table for sales. Or, maybe a specific grade or club could sell them. Smencils & Smens have to be ordered by the case, but can be paid for with a credit card or school purchase order. Shipping is free. There is a 1 case minimum order, so you could try a case and see how they sell for your school, and then order more. Kids love the collectible tops and the yummy scents.

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Use a Fundraising Thermometer To Show Your Goal

Set your goal, and use a fundraising thermometer to show how far you’ve come, and how far you need to go! It will get the students excited and encourage them to work harder to make sure your goal is met.

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