Top 5 Order-Taker Fundraisers for Schools

Top 5 Order-Taker Fundraisers for Schools

Schools Love Order-Taker Fundraisers

Schools prefer order-taker type fundraisers because that means there is no money up front needed. Brochures can be ordered free of charge and your fundraising campaign can begin. Each student is given a brochure, they make sales and collect payments. When the total order is sent in, the money has already been collected to pay for the order.

Elementary and Middle schools have school wide campaigns, usually coordinated by the PTA/PTO. There is usually one campaign in the Fall and another in the early Spring. Thus, schools have a lot of fundraisers and choosing a product that will bring success can be daunting. This article lists the favorite five order-taker brochures that are chosen by schools.

With the New Normal of today, it’s harder to do an order-taker type fundraiser. However, we NOW offer Web Stores that feature brochure items. And/Or, .PDF brochures to share that include TEXT to Pay.

(Note: This is not a scientific study, it is only an observation of which products from this website are chosen most often.)

1. Custom Face Mask

Custom Logo Face Masks Fundraiser

The custom face mask is by far the most popular order-taker fundraiser at this time! Everyone is wearing face mask and this brochure features your custom face mask, plus a variety of other styles. Available in adult and child sizes. The .PDF brochure features TEXT to pay. Or, use the Web Store for selling.

>> Includes Brochure Web Store for selling!

Custom Face Mask Fundraiser

2. Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Order-Taker Fundraisers

Cookie Dough is the number 1 choice for a school wide fundraising product. The fact is, cookie dough sells better than other products. Customers will order cookie dough. Simple as that. There are pros and cons for cookie dough fundraising, but schools still use it because it brings in more funds.

>> Includes Brochure Web Store for selling!

Cookie Dough Order-Taker Brochures

3. Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taker Fundraiser

Popcorn is a long time favorite order-taker fundraiser for schools. Everyone loves popcorn! And, it’s sure to get lots of sales. There are 10 flavor choices and all items sell for $15 each.

>> Includes Brochure Web Store for selling!

Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taker Brochure

4. Candles

Candles Order-Taker Fundraiser

Candles are the stand-by fundraising product for schools that do not wish to promote candy, cookie dough, or snacks. People love candles and have been supporting schools by ordering them for years. Candles make a great home decoration and also a thoughtful gift idea. Our Earth Collection by Heritage Candles offers canning jar and hourglass tumbler candles in gourmet scents.

Includes a .PDF brochure for selling by email, text, and social media.

Candles Order-Taker Brochure

5. Snacks

Snacks Order-Taker Fundraiser

Any kind of snacks make a great fundraiser choice. Each year our snack order-taker brochure is different. This year it features sweet and crunchy snacks, including trail mixes, gummy bears, nut mixes, and chocolate candy assortment.

Includes a .PDF brochure for selling by email, text, and social media.

Snackin’ in USA Order-Taker Brochure

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