Easy Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams – School or Little League Teams

Baseball Team Fundraising Ideas

Little League or School Baseball Team Fundraisers

Baseball season means your team will need new uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses. You can raise funds for your team by selling products to your family, friends, and students. We have a variety of easy fundraising ideas for your school or Little League Baseball Team, including candy bar kits, custom spirit items (always a good choice), beef jerky snacks, or custom scratchcards (most profit).

7 Fundraising Ideas for Your Baseball Team

1. Beef Jerky Snacks

Beef Jerky is a healthy snack and perfect for sports teams to sell at the concession stand. There are several varieties and brand choices. Most earn up to a 50% profit.

2. Candy Bars

One Dollar Candy Bars are an easy sell for football teams! Sell at your team games or set up a table at a local grocery store. Since each candy bar cost only $1, anyone can easily buy one for themselves or give it to a friend! Cases of candy bars can be ordered online and paid for with a credit card giving you time to sell before payment is due. This is a great fundraiser for any age football team.

3. Logo T-Shirts

Logo t-shirts will be a hit with your fans. No matter what age the baseball team, parents and fans will love having a t-shirt to promote the team and show their spirit! These t-shirts can include your custom logo and team name, and are available in several colors, styles, and wide range of sizes. Order soon!

4. Custom Spirit Socks

Spirit Socks are a unique sports team fundraising idea! Customize with your team logo and name.

5. Custom Eye Black

A fun spirit fundraiser! Eye Black is inexpensive and everyone will want it to show team spirit! You can order this custom printed with your team logo or name. A great idea for any age baseball team.

6. Custom Team Tumblers

Custom Spirit Tumblers are another great spirit item to sell to your fans and at games and events. Customize with your team name and logo. These will be a hit!

7. Scratch Cards – Highest Profit

Scratch Cards make the most profit of any of our fundraisers. If you need money fast, choose this one. Each card cost $20 and (if all dots are scratched) will make $100, giving you $80 profit! You will also receive 10% free scratchcards if you order at least 10 cards…which gives even more profit! Each scratchcard will have your team name and logo on the front cover. The only downside is that you have to pay up front for these cards. However, you can purchase with a credit card (which gives more time to pay). FREE SHIPPING will keep your cost down and increase your profit!


Baseball Fundraising Ideas

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