6 Holiday Fundraising Ideas

6 Holiday Fundraising Ideas

Need Great Product Ideas for Holiday Fundraising?

It’s already time to get started with your Christmas Holiday fundraising! If you are looking for a fundraising product that is great for quick holiday sales, consider using one with a holiday theme or an item that will make a great gift. Customers will be excited about anything that will make their gift giving easier! And, at the same time they will feel good about contributing to your cause.

Take advantage of this time of the year to hold a special holiday fundraising campaign. Be sure to start early so that your products will arrive before Christmas, especially if you choose an order-taker fundraiser. Below are a few suggestions.

Consider These Holiday Fundraising Ideas

6 Christmas Holiday Fundraising Ideas:


Holiday fundraising can be hard with our New Normal, so we have made it easier with Online Stores and Ship-to-Home. Browse the options below for the perfect holiday fundraiser for your group.

  1. Katydids Candy
  2. Candles
  3. Online Fundraising Store
  4. Custom Tumblers
  5. Cookie Dough
  6. Winter/Holiday Smencils

1. Katydids Candy

Katydids Candy is our most popular fundraiser for the holidays! Katydids are a great gift idea or to have on hand to serve at holiday parties and dinners.

Katydids now includes an online store option!

2. Candles

Candles are always a gift stand-by, everyone loves candles and it is one of the most popular fundraisers for the Holidays! Our La-Tee-Da Candles Fundraiser features high quality, long-burning, and amazing scents, including holiday scented candles.

Now includes an online store with ship-to-home!

3. Online Fundraising Store With Ship-to-Home

One of our favorite holiday fundraisers is the new Online Fundraising Store! This store is free to start, easy to set-up, and ships-to-home. You can’t ask for more! Products include candy (including Katydids), snacks, wrapping paper, tumblers, face masks, home decor, kitchen gadgets, and gift items. Your supporters can shop online and have there purchase shipped directly to them. You earn a 40% profit.

The Holidays are a great time for an Online Store! Your supporters can do their gift shopping from the great selection offered on your store.

Find Out More >>


4. Custom Tumblers With Ship-to-Home

This is a SHIP-TO-HOME Fundraiser! Everyone uses tumblers these days, and this will be a hit. These Custom Tumblers, featuring your logo, will make a great gift… especially for students and parents. Customers order online and purchases will be shipped directly to them. This is great idea for schools and sports teams! Find Out More >>

5. Cookie Dough

Another great idea for holiday fundraising is Cookie Dough. People will be doing a lot of baking for the holidays and will appreciate having pre-made dough. Remember to start this one early enough for cookie dough to arrive in plenty of time to bake for holiday parties. Our cookie dough fundraisers include an online store!

6. Winter/Holiday Smencils

These cute Smencils (scented pencils) have toppers in Winter and Holiday themes. These are a perfect fundraising choice for a school, club, classroom, or to include in a Christmas Store fundraiser. Order Online >>

How About This?

This is a great time of year to have a fundraising campaign. But, with COVID restrictions, it’s more difficult. We recommend the free Online Fundraising Store with Ship-to-Home. It has a variety of items that your supporters can use for their holiday gift giving. Items will be shipped directly to them. Easy and Quick. Make this part of your promotion.

Holiday Fundraising – We Make It Easy!

Holiday Fundraising - We Make It Easy!