August Fundraising Ideas

August Fundraising Ideas

These Fundraising Ideas Will Make You Happy!

If you’re planning a fundraiser for August, we have ideas! In the hot months of summer, you’ll need a quick and easy fundraiser…and something that doesn’t melt!

“DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY”! We’ve been working hard to give you the best fundraising products and options. These fundraising ideas are sure to make you happy!

Our most popular fundraiser at this time is popcorn! Also, lollipops are always a “sweet” fundraiser. Also, consider discount cards…people will like to use the discount while on vacation. See more details below about each product:

1. Popcorn

Popcorn – This order-taker brochure also includes an online store to make your life easier!

2. Lollipops

Lollipops – These are great for sports teams to sell at games and earn 50% profit.

3. Dinner & a Movie Discount Card

Dinner & a Movie Discount Card  – This is a high profit fundraiser, earning 50% to 70% profit. Features discounts to restaurants and movie theater. Buy cards up front or use the order-taker.

4. Restaurant Discount Cards

Restaurant Discount Cards – Another high profit fundraiser, earning 50% profit. When a supporter purchases a Restaurant Gift Card, they will receive a code to then redeem online and get rebates from participating restaurants nationwide. Great for summer vacations!

5. Raffle

Raffle – A raffle is an easy way to earn funds fast! Here are 7 Summer Raffle Ideas.

6. Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store – If your area still has restrictions and you need a strictly online fundraiser, you will love this online store. It has hundreds of items and earns your group 40% profit. Just sign up your group and start fundraising. Customers purchase online and items will be shipped direct to buyer.

REGISTER - Online Fundraising Store

Get Started With Your August Fundraiser!

I hope this article had given you a few ideas for your August fundraiser! We have lots of other ideas throughout this site.

August Fundraising Ideas