August Fundraising Ideas

August Fundraising Ideas

These Fundraising Ideas Will Make You Happy!

August is the month to start planning your Fall fundraisers (if you haven’t already). Some schools start in August. In either case, if you are looking for ideas, we have them! With the COVID-19 pandemic still happening, it makes fundraising hard!

“DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY”! ABC Fundraising® has been working hard all summer to make fundraising happen in our “New Normal” world. These fundraising ideas will make you happy!

First, there is the perfect product for these days of wearing masks and social distancing…Custom Face Masks! This fundraiser is taking off and selling like crazy! That will certainly make you happy.

Also, the new Web Stores are available for many of the order-taker brochures and the high profit custom discount cards.

NEW Fundraising Ideas For Our NEW Normal:

We recommend any of the fundraising ideas listed below for August and the Fall fundraising season. Without a doubt, our number one fundraiser right now is the Custom Face Masks. (You will be smiling under your face mask!)

  1. Custom Face Masks Order-Taker Fundraiser (with Web Store)
  2. Web Stores for Order-Taker Brochures
  3. Web Store for Custom Discount Cards

Custom Logo Face Mask Order-Taker Fundraiser with Web Store

Custom Face Masks Are Our Most Popular Fundraiser!

Right now, custom face masks are our most popular fundraiser, and a GREAT choice for August! Many businesses and schools are requiring face masks to be worn, so what better product for a fundraiser? The Face Mask Fundraiser features a custom .PDF brochure with TEXT to Pay and a Web Store to go completely online.


Fundraisers With Web Stores

Now Is the Time to Take Fundraising Online!

As a representative for ABC Fundraising®, I can offer you their NEW Web Stores! Yep, now you can have your favorite order-taker fundraisers, and more, completely online. Each product will include a Web Store for selling for a small set-up fee of $25. Elementary schools love order-taker brochures, and NOW, they can still do these online. Students and parents just share the link via email, text, and social media to promote the fundraiser.

The Best Fundraising Idea for Elementary & Middle Schools, Sports Teams, and High School Clubs

In our “New Normal” world, online fundraising is the best idea for Elementary & Middle Schools, Sports Teams, and High School Clubs. Web Store choices for order-taker brochures include: Custom Face Masks, Auntie Anne’s, Gourmet Popcorn, and Cookie Dough. Plus, the Custom Discount Cards high profit fundraiser features a Web Store.

Fundraisers Featuring a Web Store:

Custom Face Mask Order-Taker Auntie Annes Pretzels Order-Taker Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taker Cookie Dough Tubs Order-Taker Preportioned Cookie Dough Boxes Order-Taker Custom Discount Cards Fundraiser

Ready to Get Started?

To request a fundraiser with a WEB STORE included, contact: Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Representative. (

Request Fundraiser with Web Store

Free Fundraising Info Guide

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