January Fundraising Ideas

January Fundraising Ideas

The Advantage of a January Fundraiser

January is generally a slow time of year for fundraising, but you can use this to your advantage and hold a simple, quick fundraiser when people aren’t getting bombarded with request from other fundraising groups. We suggest something quick and easy for January. And, start planning something bigger for February and the upcoming Spring fundraising season.

In January, everyone is thinking of getting healthy and they’re full of holiday sweets, so go with a healthy food fundraiser. Of course, with Valentine’s Day coming up, by late January, you could offer the delectable Katydids Candy for gift giving.

With the sometimes cold and snowy January, we recommend an online fundraiser, with no need to go outside, door-to-door, because it’s all done online and ships to customer’s home. What could be easier than that?

Quick & Easy Is the Way to Go for a January Fundraiser!

Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for January

5 Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for January:

  1. Katydids Candy
  2. Healthy Fruit Snacks
  3. Pretzel Rods
  4. Fortune Cookies
  5. Raffle

1. Katydids Candy

Katydids Candy Fundraisers
January is a great time for a Katydids Candy fundraiser, since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and a tin of Katydids will make a great gift! You can order cases and sell in-hand or use the order-taker brochure. Start early for delivery by Feb 14.

2. Healthy Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks for Fundraising
Looking for a healthy fundraiser for January? How about these Welch’s Fruit Snacks? Not only are they healthy, they taste so good! This is a great idea for any grade level or sports team. Free shipping and 50% profit.

3. Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods for Fundraising
Caramel Coated Pretzel Rods or Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods are unique and yummy snacks for your January fundraiser! Perfect for sports teams and school clubs to offer at sports games and students can sell to family and friends. Find out more info…

4. Fortune Cookies

Van Wyks Famous Fortune Cookies Fundraising Kit

Famous Fortune Cookies and a new and unique fundraising idea! The handy carrier box includes a variety of four flavors of dipped and topped fortune cookies, individually wrapped, with a fun message inside. Sell for $1 each. Free shipping, earn 50% profit, order online.

5. Raffle Fundraiser

Winter Raffle Prize Ideas
A Winter Raffle is also a simple fundraiser for January.  Sell tickets to win an item that is winter themed, such as a S’mores Maker, Sherpa Throw, Crock Pot, or Snow Blower. Also, always good for a raffle prize are Echo devices, Kindle eReaders, or a Smart TV. You can get more suggestions from our article: Winter Raffle Prize Ideas. We also have lots of other articles with ideas for raffle prizes.

Ideas for a Winter Raffle Prize (from Amazon):

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To-Do List for January

Things TO-DO in January for Fundraiser Planning

In January: Start Planning February Fundraising Campaigns!

January is the time to start serious planning for a February fundraiser. February has great opportunities with Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and other holidays falling in that month. Now is the time to start planning your fundraising campaigns for February!

In January: Start Thinking of Ideas for Spring Fundraisers

January is not too early to start planning for your Spring fundraising campaigns. We always offer a few new products for Spring, so be sure and check these out and read our articles about fundraising tips and ideas for successful fundraising.

Make a list of the products you’re interested in and present them to your committee (if there is one). It takes a while to decide on the best choice for your group, so start now to give yourself plenty of time.

In January: Order a FREE Fundraising Info Guide

To help find ideas for your Spring fundraiser, order our free fundraising info guide. It includes all of our products, profit charts, and fundraising tips to get you started.

Free PDF Fundraising Info Guide

January is the TIME:

Yes, January is the time to start thinking about your Spring fundraising campaigns! It’s not too early! Spring is right around the corner! Don’t think you can stop and rest…get started now. 🙂

It's Time to Start Thinking About Your Spring Fundraising Campaigns

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