March Fundraising Ideas

March Fundraising Ideas

Ideas for Your March Fundraising Campaigns

March is the perfect time for fundraising! The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to get busy with Spring events and fundraising campaigns.

March is the time for Online Order-Takers, Ship-to-Home fundraiser, Raffles, Supper Fundraisers, and Candy Bar Sales.  Order-taker fundraisers started in March will be done and products delivered before school ends.

We have listed below 5 ideas for a March fundraiser. Use the links to get more information.

5 Fundraising Ideas for March

5 Ideas for a March Fundraiser

  1. Online Order-Takers
  2. Ship-to-Home Fundraiser
  3. Raffle
  4. Supper Fundraiser
  5. Candy Bars

Online Order-Taker Fundraiser

1. Online Order-Taker Fundraisers

March is the time to start your Spring order-taker fundraisers. This will give you plenty of time to complete your fundraiser and deliver products before school is out for the year.

We now have Web Stores for our order-taker brochures!

With the need for social distancing, we now have taken our order-taker brochures online! Our suggestions for brochure choices for March are Custom Face Masks, Flower Bulbs & Vegetables, Gourmet Popcorn, Candles, Zap-A-Snack Pizza.

Ideas for Order-Taker Brochures:


Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

2. Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

This March, a Ship-to-Home fundraiser is what you need! A ship-to-home fundraiser means no-contact. Customers shop on your unique store and their purchases will be shipped directly to them. This means out of state family and friends can order, too. Stay safe this March with a ship-to-home fundraiser.

Ship-to-Home Fundraiser >>


Raffle Fundraiser

3. March Raffle

A March Raffle is an easy idea for your club, team, school, or church. Spring Raffle Ideas include: outdoor grill, yard games, Yeti cooler, giant stuffed rabbit, or garden tools. You can also add a raffle to other fundraisers or events you have planned.

Ideas for a March Raffle:

  1. Outdoor Grill
  2. Yard Game
  3. Yeti Cooler
  4. Giant Stuffed Rabbit
  5. Garden Tools



4. Supper Fundraisers

March is a great time for a supper fundraiser. You can still have your supper fundraiser if you do it as a take-out or use social distance guidelines.

A Spaghetti Supper is an old stand-by, but we would like to suggest something different. Use National Food Days in March as a guide for your supper food. This gives you a unique twist on the fundraising supper! March 9th is Meatballs Day, so you could use that as a Spaghetti & Meatballs Supper as well.

Ideas for March Supper Fundraisers:

  • Cold Cuts – National Cold Cuts Day, March 3
  • Meatballs – National Meatballs Day, March 9
  • Taters – National Tater Day, March 31

More Supper Fundraising Ideas >>

Candy Bars

5. Candy Bars

March is the perfect time for a Candy Bar fundraiser. It’s not so warm that candy bars will melt. Sports teams and school clubs love a candy bar fundraiser. Candy bars are easy to sell. You could offer these at sports games and students can sell to family members. We have two candy bar fundraising products, including Van Wyk Chocolatiers, a high profit fundraiser.

Candy Bar Fundraiser Ideas:

March TO-DO List

Things To-Do in March:

March is the time to plan fundraisers for April. If you’re having a Spring Carnival fundraiser in April (or even in May), now is the time to get the last minute jobs done and start promoting and advertising!

If you’re planning to sell a product, get it ordered now. It might take a week or two to receive your products.

Happy Fundraising!