New Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools

New Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Need New and Safe Ideas for Your Spring School Fundraising?

It’s time for planning your school’s Spring fundraisers!  You will need new and safe ideas for this Spring!

With our “New Normal”, fundraising has changed and we have had to adapt with new and safe ways to fund raise for schools. We now have online order-taker brochures and ship-to-home options to avoid face-to-face contact. Schools love order-takers and now you can still have them…but with an online store for sales! Online stores are the new way to fund raise for schools!

This article presents new and safe ideas for your fundraising this Spring. Good luck for a fantastic fundraiser!

Safe Ideas for your School Fundraiser

1. Online Stores:

Katydids Candy – An all-time favorite fundraising product. Yummy Katydids candy, made with caramel and pecans, covered in milk chocolate, is sure to be a hit. Now with an online store. 40% profit.

Sweet Chaos Popcorn – Everyone loves popcorn! Now this favorite treat can be sold in your own online store. 40% profit.

Cookie Dough – A favorite fundraiser for schools, now available with an online store for sales. Product will be shipped to your group. One case minimum order, free shipping, 40% profit.

Donations Only – Make fundraising easy with this donations only online store! This is a new idea for school fundraising! 85% profit.

2. Ship-to-Home Fundraisers:

We have several options for ship-to-home fundraisers, including brochures that include an online store and a complete online fundraising store that includes hundreds of products.

Goodies & Gifts Online Fundraising Store – This is a complete online store with hundreds of items. Something for everyone! More choices, more sales. Earn 40% profit with this online, ship-to-home fundraising store. 40% profit.

La-Tee-Da Candles – Candles are  a long-time fundraising choice for schools. Now you can have your candle fundraiser online, with ship-to-home for customers. You can also use the print brochure along with the store. Or, the print brochure only. 40% profit.

Custom Tumblers – A popular Spring fundraising choice! Custom tumblers are a fun Spring fundraising idea! And, now with a ship-to-home store. You can also purchase by the case or use the order-taker brochures. 40% profit. Learn more…

Poppin’ Popcorn – This popular order-taker brochure comes with an online, ship-to-home store. It features a variety of Poppin’ Popcorn flavors. 40% profit.

Heartland Home Collection – Featuring a variety of yummy food options, plus more, this is great choice for a Spring fundraiser. 40% profit.

Heartland Sweets – This online, ship-to-home store features a variety of sweets and snacks. 40% profit.

Heartland Cheese & Sausage – Features a variety of wild-game sausages and cheese spreads. Online, ship-to-home. 40% profit.

3. LEGO® Fun Accessories

Our newest fundraiser features LEGO® Fun Accessories. Choose from LEGO® Star Wars Collection Bag Tags and LED Keychains, LEGO® Iconic Collection Bag Tags and LED Keychains, and LEGO® Stationery (gel pens, colored pencils) that includes genuine LEGO® bricks or minifigure. Order by the case and sell at school or sports games. 35% profit.

4. Spring Carnival:

A Spring Carnival is a fun idea for schools! Traditionally, Spring is Carnival time for schools. A carnival is a big endeavor and may not work for all schools, plus with social distancing, this may not be an option for your school.

5. Restaurant Gift Cards:

If you need to earn funds fast and can have a face-to-face fundraiser, choose our Restaurant Discount Gift Cards. People will love these as they are getting out for Spring fun. Sell at school sports events. 50% profit.

Staying Safe While Fundraising

In our New Normal, staying safe while fundraising means more than just being careful of strangers. It’s means keeping a safe distance from customers and wearing a face masks. Your school needs to continue fundraising, so be sure to make a safe choice.

Spring School Fundraising Ideas

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