Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Need Ideas for Your Spring School Fundraising?

It’s time for planning your school’s Spring fundraisers! Traditionally, Spring is Carnival time for schools. A carnival is a big endeavor and may not work for all schools. There are many other options for a great Spring fundraiser.

Schools love order-takers and we have a few that are perfect for Spring. For example, flower bulbs, flip flops, or tumblers.

If you need to earn funds fast, choose Spinners®, Scratch & Help® cards, or Chocolatiers candy bars! They are quick and easy, with the highest profit.

These are just a few ideas to get your brain in gear. Good luck for a fantastic Spring fundraiser!

Spring Order-Taker Ideas:

New! Flower Bulbs – Spring is the perfect time for a flower bulb fundraiser. This brochure features flowers and vegetables.

New! Custom Flip Flops – Spring weather makes everyone want to bring out their flip flops! Customize these flip flops with your logo to show team spirit. The order taker brochure is also custom.

Custom Travel Mugs/Tumblers – Everyone loves tumblers. This order-taker fundraiser will make a successful fundraising campaign for any school, team, club or group! Customize your tumbler and your order-taker brochure.

Perfect for Spring:

Carnival – A Spring Carnival is a fun idea for schools!

Candles – Candles are a long-time favorite fundraiser and will always bring great sales.

Candy Bar Kits – Spring is the perfect time for candy bar sales. Perfect for sports teams, clubs, and groups.

High Profit:

Spinners® – This is a unique and fun fundraising idea. Earns high profit for your school, team, or club.

Scratch & Help® Cards – This is one of the highest profit fundraisers, earning as much as 90% profit.

Chocolatiers Candy Bars – Hightest profit candy bar kit, earning up to 60%.

Ideas for Your School Spring Fundraising

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