The Best Fundraisers for Small Groups and Clubs

The Best Fundraisers for Small Groups & Clubs
If you’re looking for the best fundraisers for a small group or club, we have ideas! When there are not many sellers,you have to consider the terms of your fundraiser.

Look for these when choosing a fundraiser for small groups:

  • Free to Start
  • No (or Low) Minimum Order
  • Free Shipping
  • 40% – 50% Profit

Small groups usually don’t have money to pay for products, so look for a fundraiser that is free to start, with no up-front cost.

The best option for your fundraiser is one with a no or low minimum order. Usually, if you don’t meet your minimum, you are required to pay for shipping, or in the worse case, the fundraiser may be canceled completely.

Another thing to look for is free (or low) shipping cost. A small group can not make money if they have to pay a high shipping rate.

And, of course, the profit you make is always a consideration. Sometimes, the low minimum means low profit. The best case is always at least a 40% profit.

Five Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups or Clubs:

Five Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups and Clubs

Below are five fundraising ideas for your small group or club…or for any size group or school. Each fundraiser is free to start and features no (or low) minimum order, free shipping, and 40% to 50% profit.

  1. Healthy Favalicious Crunchy Snacks – NEW!
  2. Snacking Made Simple Brochure
  3. Slow Smoked Snacks Brochure
  4. Drinkware Done Differently Tumblers
  5. Ship-to-Home Online Fundraising Store

1. Healthy Fava Bean Crunchy Snacks

Fava Beans Crunchy Snacks, Healthy Snack Fundraiser

These yummy, crunchy fava bean crunchy snacks are the perfect option for small groups. It’s a new and unique fundraising idea. It’s time for a healthy snack fundraiser. This traditional brochure fundraiser, earns 50% profit, one case minimum order, and free shipping.

Favalicious Crunchy Snacks Fundraiser >>

2. Snacking Made Simple Brochure

Snacking Made Simple Brochure

The Snacking Made Simple Brochure features sweet & salty snacks that everyone will love to buy! The best part is that there is NO minimum order, shipping is free, and profit is 40% to 45%. This is a very popular fundraiser.

3. Slow Smoked Snacks Brochure

Slow Smoked Snacks Order-Taker Fundraiser

You will love this Slow Smoked Snacks brochure fundraiser! It has a variety of snacks, all priced at $16 each. 40% – 45% profit. NO minimum order! Sold by item, not case. Shipping is free.

4. Stainless Steel Tumblers Brochure

Tumbler Order-Taker Brochure Fundraiser

This Drinkware Done Differently order-taker brochure features Sideline licensed team tumblers, plus the fun Lifestyle and Home series. Stainless Steel tumblers are in 20oz and 30oz sizes. Everyone loves a new tumbler and with no minimum and free shipping this fundraiser is perfect for sports teams and small groups. 40% profit.

5. Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

Online Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

If you want to go online for your fundraiser, this online store features hundreds of items, including candy, snacks, books, candles, home decor, kitchen gadgets, and more. It easy…just register and get started! Customers purchase online and items are direct shipped to buyers home. You will earn 40% profit.

Read more about the Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store…



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