Online Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Online Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Online Stores for Your School’s Order-Taker Fundraisers

Don’t stress out about how to have your school’s order-taker fundraiser and still maintain social distancing. We now offer online stores for your favorite brochure fundraisers. You can choose to ship to your group or direct ship to customers. The online store takes care of all the record keeping for you. It’s so easy! You may never go back to print brochures!

What Will an Online Store Do For Your School?

  1. It will enable you to have a fundraiser completely online!
  2. It will keep track of sales per member, including who made the purchase.
  3. It takes payments from customers, so you don’t have to!
  4. It will keep track of how much your fundraiser has made.

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers:

Rock Your Socks!

Custom Tumblers

Magazines + More

Magazines Only

Goodies & Gifts

Ship-to-Group Online Stores

Katydids Candy

Sweet Chaos Popcorn

Donations Only Online Store

Donations Only


Yes, Your School Can Still Have an Order-Taker Fundraiser and Social Distance!

Yes, your school can STILL have an order-taker fundraiser and social distance.

How To Get Started:

SELECT a fundraiser that features an Online Store.

CONTACT ME: I am here to help you get started, answer questions, and submit your fundraiser. Contact me by email, phone, or text. (, 434-851-6297)

After Your Online Store is Set Up…

START your fundraiser and run it for 2-3 weeks.

SELL products by sharing your unique link via email, text, and social media. (Hint: We’ve found that TEXTING the link to supporters works best.)

PROFIT made from the Online Store will be mailed to you.

More Info/Get Started:

Contact:, ph/txt 434-851-6297

Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297


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