Online Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Online Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Online Fundraising Is the Way to Go for Schools!

The new way to fund-raise is online. Many schools are choosing online for their fundraising campaigns. It’s so much easier, especially if it offers ship-to-home for customers. If you’re not ready to go completely online, you can add an online store to your favorite print brochure. This way, students can have a brochure in-hand to take orders and can also use the online store for out-of-town family and friends. The best of both worlds! This can ultimately lead to more sales.

Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

Online Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

If you want to go completely online for your fundraiser, this online store features hundreds of items, including candy, snacks, books, candles, home decor, kitchen gadgets, and more. It easy…just register your school and get started! Supporters purchase online and items are direct shipped to buyers home. The online store takes care of all the record keeping for you. No more tally sheets or deliveries! You will earn 40% profit.

Find Out More…

Find out more about the online fundraising store with ship-to-home
FIND OUT MORE about the Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store…

Brochure Plus Online Fundraisers

Brochure Plus Online Store Fundraisers
Maybe you’re not ready to go completely online. The following print brochures can include an online store if you choose. The brochure products will be featured in the online store, plus many other online only products. Customers can choose to have their purchase shipped directly to their home or shipped to your group. (Frozen or refrigerated items can not ship to home.)

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