Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs

Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs

Ideas for School Club Valentine’s Day Fundraising

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get in a quick fundraiser for your school club. We have several options for no-contact fundraising especially for our New Normal. We now have web stores for our order-taker brochures, plus several online ship-to-home fundraisers. No worries, you can still have a fundraiser for your school club. These fundraisers are so easy, you may never want to do any other type.

If you’re doing classes in-school, you have more options, including candy, flowers, bake sale or raffle.

We have online and ship-to-home fundraisers!

Ship-To-Home Fundraisers

  1. Online Fundraising Store
  2. Custom Tumblers
  3. Mrs. Field’s Cookies

Web Store Fundraisers

Choose an order-taker brochure with a Web Store for online sales:

In-School Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas!

If you are having in-school classes, a few popular ideas for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser are: bake sale or selling single roses and carnations. Valentine themed items, such as lollipops and chocolate candy are great choices for easy sales. Students will be happy to have a chance to take advantage of your service/product and your school club will get the advantage of making extra funds.

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Katydids Candy
  3. Rose and Carnation Flower Sale
  4. Valentine Lollipops
  5. Valentine’s Day Raffle

Katydids Candy for Valentine’s Day!

Katydids Candy for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day Fundraisers are a Great Way to Earn Funds for Your School or Club

Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Info Guide

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