Need Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your School or Club?

Do You Need Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your School or Club?

Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Winter is a notoriously slow time for fundraising. Everyone has spent a lot of money during Christmas and need a break. However, you can take advantage of this slow time to do an extra fundraising campaign for your school, sports team, or school club. A great idea is to choose a product that students need to buy anyway, like snacks, school supplies, or spirit products. You can “sneak” in a sale and no one will realize you’re “fundraising” again! Other options could include: a raffle (with the prize being an electronic device that students would love) or offer a snow shoveling service. Now would also be a great time for a winter play or dance. A Sweetheart Dance in February, for example. Don’t let the winter season slip by without earning some extra funds!

7 Winter Fundraising Ideas:

1. Snack Foods

Offer an assortment of snack foods and candy from a table at school or at sports game concession stand. (Be sure and include a few healthy snacks!)

Snack Foods for Fundraising

2. School Supplies

Sell at your school store or set up a table in your school hallway. Include pencils, pens, paper, notebooks and other school supplies. Smencils (scented pencils) with collectible toppers are a great novelty item for students.

School Supplies for Fundraising

3. Spirit Products

These can be sold any time of the year at school events, sports games, and during school. Ideas include tumblers, tee shirts, eye black, wristbands, hats, and noisemakers.

Spirit Fundraising Products

4. Raffle

Offer a raffle to students of something cool, like a Kindle or a movie themed gift basket.

5. Snow Shoveling Service

This is great idea for a sports team or club to get together and offer to shovel driveways or run errands for older shut-ins.

6. Winter Play or Musical

When the winter blues and boredom set in, put on a fun play or musical. Everyone will be ready to get out of the house and come to see it. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun putting it together.

7. Winter Dance

February is the perfect chance to hold a Sweetheart Dance at your school.

Get An Early Start!

Don’t wait until Spring! Get an early start on fundraising by starting now! Choose a campaign that looks right for your school, sports team or school club and get excited about it! You’ll be glad you did when you see your funds start increasing. Good luck!

Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your Schools