Need Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your School?

Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas

The Winter months include the holidays and after the holidays. You can include chocolate candy because the weather is cool, so no worries melting! Before the holidays include items that can be used as gifts, but be sure to have your fundraiser early enough that items will arrive in time. After the holidays, you could go with a healthy idea, since people tend to try to get healthy in the new year. The ideas below are easy and fun!

Ten Winter Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Katydids Candy
  2. Winter Holiday Smencils
  3. Online Fundraising Store
  4. Snacks Brochure/Online Store
  5. Heritage Candles Earth Collection
  6. Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Collection
  7. Restaurant Cards
  8. Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods
  9. Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  10. Coffee Collection Brochure

1. Katydids Candy

Katydids Candy Fundraisers
Katydids Candy is our most popular fundraiser for the holidays! Katydids are a great gift idea or to have on hand to serve at holiday parties and dinners. You can order cases of Katydids to sell in-hand or use the pre-sell brochure. Find out more…

2. Winter Holiday Smencils

Holiday Smencils for School Fundraising

These cute Winter Holiday Themed Smencils (scented pencils) have toppers in Winter and Holiday themes. These are a perfect fundraising choice for a school, club, classroom, or to include in a Christmas Store fundraiser. Order Online >>

3. Online Fundraising Store

Online Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

The Holidays are a great time for our Online Fundraising Store! Your supporters can do their gift shopping from the great selection offered on your store. No need for anyone to go out in the winter weather! Products include candy (including Katydids), snacks, wrapping paper, tumblers, candles, soaps, home decor, kitchen gadgets, and gift items. Your supporters can shop online and have there purchase shipped directly to them. You earn a 40% profit. Find Out More >>

4. Snacks Brochure or Online Store

Snack Order-Taker Brochure Fundraiser

The Snackin’ Made Simple order-taker brochure includes lots of yummy snacks and candy. Great ideas for holiday shopping, parties, or to treat yourself. This brochure can also be done as an online store. Find out more…

5. Earth Candles Brochure or Online

Heritage Candles, Earth Collection, Brochure Fundraiser

Candles are a long time favorite fundraiser. No matter the time of year, this fundraiser is always a success. This order-taker brochure features a variety of scented candles. 50% profit. This Candle fundraiser also offers an online store. Find out more…

6. Journey of Faith Candles Brochure or Online

Heritage Candles, Journey of Faith Collection, Brochure Fundraiser

These Journey of Faith Candles are perfect for a church or religious school fundraiser. Earn 50% profit. This fundraiser can also be done as an online store! Find out more…

7. Restaurant Cards

Restaurant Cards - High Profit Fundraiser

Restaurant Cards are a simple and easy fundraiser…and…you earn 50% profit! Your supporters will get great deals on restaurants nationwide. You do this an order-taker fundraiser or buy cards to sell in-hand. Read more…

8. Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

Van Wyk Pretzel Rods Fundraising Kit

These Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods are an easy and fun idea for Winter fundraising. Everyone will want one of these yummy treats for only one dollar. It’s easy to order cases online. 40% to 50% profit. Find out more…

9. Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks for Fundraising

Looking for a healthy fundraiser? These Welch’s Fruit Snacks are just the thing. Order cases online, enjoy free shipping, earn 50% profit. Learn more…

10. Coffee Brochure

Ultimate Coffee Brochure Fundraiser

Coffee is a great idea for Winter fundraising! The Ultimate Coffee Collection brochure includes 8 different flavors in 11 ounce bags and 6 flavors in single-serve pod 12 count boxes. Every item sells for $15 each and delivery is free with an order of 125+ items! Orders of 500+ items will be pre-packed per seller with no charge. (Details are subject to change.) Read more…


Take Your Fundraisers Online!

Winter Fundraising Ideas - Take your fundraisers online!

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Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas for Your Schools