School Club Fundraising – Ideas for the Holidays

School Club Fundraising - Ideas for the Holidays

Need Holiday Fundraising Ideas for Your School Club?

The Christmas Holiday is the perfect time to promote a school club fundraiser. Not only are customers in the mood to donate, they’re also in the mood to buy! It’s a win-win situation for them and for your club.

1. Katydids Candy

Katydids candy is one of our most popular fundraisers! The holidays is the perfect time to sell Katydids to your family and friends. This wonderful candy makes a great gift idea! Purchase by the case to sell in-hand, or start early and use the handy order-taker brochure.

2. Holiday Gift Fundraiser

A fundraising brochure or online store that offers products that can be used as a holiday gift will be great for sales! We offer many choices right here on Fundraiser Alley. If you go with an order-taker type fundraiser, keep in mind you will have to start your fundraising campaign in time for products to arrive and be delivered to customers in time to use as a Christmas gift. You’ll have to run your campaign for at least two weeks, send your order and payment,  wait one or two weeks for delivery, and then distribute to customers. To be on the safe side, you should probably start by October for an order-taker fundraiser.

Ship to Home online fundraisers don’t need as long, as items will ship direct to customer as soon as ordered. We recommend starting an online fundraiser by November.

Traditional Order-Taker Brochures >>

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3. Christmas Store at School

Market to students with a Christmas Store that includes items they can use for gifts to other students, friends, teachers, parents, and siblings. These items should include some things that are  holiday themed and be in the lower price range. Stocking stuffers such as holiday shaped lollipops, winter themed pencils, travel size lotions, lip balm, gum, and candy bars should sell well. Also, spirit items such as t-shirts and tumblers would make great sales. Other ideas are: candles, holiday decorations, tree ornaments, craft items, home-baked cakes and cookies.

Favorite Items for School Christmas Store:

4. Hold a Christmas Raffle

An easy way for your school club to earn funds is to hold a raffle! Choose an item that will make a great Christmas gift and raffle it off at school and at school and local events, plus local stores. The most popular raffle items are Electronics. Gift Baskets and Seasonal items are also popular during the holidays. A giant Christmas stocking filled with toys is a great idea.

Holiday Raffle Prize Ideas

Happy Holiday Fundraising!

Whatever products you choose for your school club fundraiser, you are sure to have great selling success during the holidays. Remember to START EARLY as people tend to start their holiday shopping early. I would recommend starting before Thanksgiving. Happy Holiday Fundraising!

Holiday Fundraising Ideas