September Fundraising Ideas

September Fundraising Ideas

September Fundraising Ideas for Schools

This September brings more normal fundraising options, but we might still want to keep it online. For one thing, it’s so much easier! Most order-taker brochures now include an online store and a ship-to-home option. It’s the new wave of fundraising! Everything else is online, fundraising may as well be, too!

Take School Fundraising Online!

All of your favorite school fundraisers now include an online store. You can still use the brochure approach or go with the times and go online. You can choose from the the tried and true cookie dough or yummy snacks and candy choices. Or, use the Ship-to-Home Online Fundraiser Store with hundreds of items.

1. Order-Taker Brochure With Online Store

Order-Taker Fundraisers w/Online Store

Choose from a variety of your favorite fundraising products. Each brochure includes an online store for sales. You can choose that products be delivered to your group or directly to the buyer.

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2. Ship-to-Home Online Fundraiser Store

Ship to Home Touchless Fundraiser

Register for your school classroom, club, or group for it’s own Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Store! Promote your store to friends and family by text, email, and social media.


3. Katydids Candy Fundraiser

Katydids Candy Fundraiser

Katydids Candy is one of our most popular fundraisers! You can choose to order cases, use an order-taker brochure, or sell online. Earn 40% profit with this fundraiser.

Katydids Candy Fundraiser Options >>

4. Custom Tumbler Fundraiser

Tumbler Fundraisers

Custom tumblers with your school or team name and logo is always a hit for fundraising! This fundraiser can be ordered to sell up-front, use an order-taker brochure, or use a ship-to-home option. Choose the option that’s best for you.



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September Fundraising Ideas With Online Options


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